Around 2005 I started realizing that the key to loving music is not venture off the beaten path and start writing songs instead of just learning other people’s songs.  But the key to that, for me at least, was to try and emulate some songs I loved. 

I came up with the chorus idea ‘In the 705 it’s good to be alive’ at work one day and I had to squirrel myself away in a boardroom and take out my new voice recorder that Vero got me.  I found that this device was key in capturing songs ideas when they came to me.  The song itself is an homage to my parents and how my Dad moved to Sudbury and eventually met Mom.  I remember gathering details of their life there when traveling around the town with Mom during Christmas break.

Read about what was going through my head in 2008 blog entry when I started recording it.

I have fond memories of receiving the demo from Troy after he put the drums and guitar in place.  It had a great tone that I was looking for.  Later on, I was present for the recording of Darryl’s bass guitar and backing vocals.

The element that brings it from a good song to a song I can’t stop listening to is John Pope’s guitar solo.  I had given him the demo and said “Here’s the part where I think a solo would fit.  Do your magic.”  A year later I was already working on other songs at that point and I headed home for Christmas and John had finished his solo and played it for me.  I never realized how much a solo could lift a song up.  I must have listened to that solo 25 times down in the basement that night.  It’s amazing what a group of musicians can do to a song!  I am definitely not the most technically proficient musician in the world so when I get a taste of it in a song I have written, it’s like hearing a song from another world.

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Recording Notes

Lyrics and Vocals: Ryan Palmer

Guitar and drum programming: Troy Palmer

Lead Guitar: John Pope

Bass and backing vocals: Darryl Oram


118, looking kinda lean
Can’t work in the mines out here
Peel another yellow one
Then I’m gonna grow some
Balls straight outta fear

Heading downtown, lookin’ all around
For a job to get me by
Not a short order cook
Not a fish on a hook
Not enough dough for a pie

In the 705 it’s good to be alive

Take the 17 back
In 5 hours flat
Got a nurse waiting for a ring
Give my brother a call
We’re off to Montreal
Boy that engine sure can sing

Put your foot to the floor
Make sure to lock the doors
Get ready cause we’re gonna fly!
What’s that you feel?
Off comes the wheel!
Better kiss your ass goodbye!

In the 705 it’s good to be alive

Gave birth to a Sire
Down in the Green Bryer
Gonna grow up big and strong
Peel another yellow one
Then he’s gonna grow some
And learn how to sing my song

That’s my story
No fame and glory
Don’t mind working 9 to 5
Get my friends in the car
We’re not going far
Good living in the 705