Christmas Party 2017

Remember, remember, the second Saturday of December…

I love Christmas with Sierra so far.  Every time she sees something new in the house she says “Wowwwww”

For the past thirteen years we have hosted a Christmas party which is really code for an event that holds the Trivia Cup Challenge.  Spoiler: the men won yet again.  I’m not even sure if the women have ever beat the men in the Trivia Cup challenge.

Mandatory safety sign.  Mina appreciated the Arabic message I left him.

Sierra quite likes the Winter wonderland at the neighbour’s house.

Out for a walk before the big party!

Prepping for the people.

At least they put good use to the stockings!

Master Yoda hanging out with the elves.

Winner of the best photo of the party goes to Ferda!  Sierra was quite good at the party for the most part.  I find it quite interesting how she calms down and just takes it all in…like she’s assessing the situation.  However, around 8PM when it was 30 minutes past her bedtime, we realized she was ready for bed!


The greatest hostess along with a good looking man.

These two are an inspiration to us all.  They went 40 minutes on this thing and were a sweaty mess afterwards!

Sierra plotting an exit.

“The reason I’m smiling is it is less than a week until the new Star Wars movie!”

One of this year’s challenges involved stacking these nuts while using candy canes.  Neither team could accomplish it while we had the rule of ‘at least one member needs to hold the plate’.  So when the five minutes were up, we decided to allow them to put the plate on the table and attempt it.  It was quite the difficult challenge.

But the women won this one!

We blamed it on the lousy candy canes that were purchased.  Sidenote: Check out how Andre’s arm is larger than William’s head!  That is awesome.

The final challenge was going to be an exciting one as we were entering into a tie-breaker scenario.  Whoever won this challenge, won the cup!  Always an exciting time.  We end up playing a variation of beer pong which had a tic-tac-toe element incorporated into it.  One side had X’s on their ping pong balls, the other had O’s.

Bro vs. bro!

No surprise here, the men obliterated the competition and won the trivia cup (which Alex was drinking from during the time of this photo)

Great shot of us all. 

Yet another great year for a Christmas party.  Surprisingly we woke up to a few inches of snow the next morning!  I didn’t make out too bad the next morning.  Sierra slept in until 7am so it wasn’t that bad at all. 


Click here to access the Google Photo album of all the pictures.

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  1. Ha! Funny how you “forgot” that the women won for like 3 years in a row prior. We just have to let you guys win once in a while. We’ll make sure you remember how it feels to loose next year ;-P

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