Contenders for a photo on a wall

Grandma writes in: “Could you please take a picture of Sierra in portrait instead of landscape and send it to me. Make sure it is good as it is going in a frame and will be in my living room!haha.”

I can never back down from a challenge of finding a good photo of Sierra to hang on the wall!  Here are some contenders:

This girl is going to be a future pyromaniac judging by how amazed she was at flame.

This is definitely a contender to go on the living room wall.

Here’s a killer closeup.

Miss Yogurt Hand is always a classy photo for the wall.

This one is called “Mid-sneeze”

Windtunnel = Model

out of focus, kind of a wild eyed look…yup, that’s meant for the living room wall.

Instant classic!

All kidding aside, there’s really only one winner here folks.  Even my colleagues have this photo up in their office!

This photo cracks me up every time.


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