Crawling up a storm

Wow, we have officially hit the brick wall in taking photos of Sierra.  I just checked Google Photos and there are just two pictures taken in the past month by me.  Perhaps Vero has some on her camera that I will have to nab.

Well, without much to show you, here’s an animation of Sierra crawling.  I am really enjoying how Sierra is a machine that motors around the house on all fours.  I believe this is much more fun than say…when she figures out how to walk and then that will just lead to bloody noses and head bumps!

In the morning when I get up with her (which is the weekend), I get her out of her crib and put her on the floor and then walk out to the kitchen to get a bottle ready for her.  It’s up to her to follow me and she’s usually pretty good at motoring down the hallway to find me.  At this point, she doesn’t exactly come to me if I call to her…but if I ignore her for a bit, she decides it’s time to come closer to me.

She is also tugging on our pant legs whenever she is near and she is trying her best to stand herself up with the help of objects like the coffee table.  The development of a kid is fascinating as you can see them working it all out in their brain and I know one day it will just click for her.

Until then, I will enjoy the sound of two hands and two knees slap slap slapping the floor, motoring down the hallway.  She’s especially a fan of the bathroom so whenever she senses that the door is left open, she hightails it to that room!  It’s hilarious.

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