Easter 2018

First off, I have to say that Vero and I won the parent of the year award at the park the other day when we were chatting with each other.  Of course, while chatting we didn’t even realize that Sierra had climbed up to a different slide, went down and ended up sitting in this massive puddle of water which was up above her legs!  Ha ha, we had a good laugh when she gives us the look saying “Uh guys?  A little help here?!”

We started the morning not by hunting eggs….but pine cones!

Maman helping gather pine cones.  Sierra hit the mother lode at one point during our journey and I’m pretty sure we stayed three days in this one spot.

That’s an interesting way to gather pine cones.

Trying out the new wheels. 

I had a good laugh when I saw this on Facebook.

Look who came for a visit!  Also, check out the sweet wings Poppa and Grandma supplied Sierra with!

The real Easter egg hunt commenced.  Luckily we had a handful of eggs that we just kept taking from her and hiding in different places.  This might be the best age for an Easter egg hunt!  Instant gratification.

I’m not sure what Tandréane is doing here…is she the Easter Bunny?

Sierra managed to pull of a good prank on Maman!




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