Ezra’s first month

We’ve made it to the tenth of the month and have survived!

There were fears going into this that he would inherit the same digestive problems that Sierra had in the first year.  He doesn’t show any telltale signs yet so that’s hopeful!  Vero has adopted a dairy free diet to help just in case so we really won’t know until she decides to start eating cheese again.

It’s been a frustrating month in that I feel I haven’t figured Ezra out yet.  I haven’t stumbled upon tricks that help him fall asleep or calm down.  In the past few days I have stumbled upon the trick of letting him suck on my pinky finger for 15 minutes and that seems to calm him down.  Vero asked that on her birthday we introduce the soother to him!  I had a good laugh at that and it’s a great idea.  Time to introduce something that may make all our lives easier!

Ezra was lucky enough to have a few visitors in the past month and there are still people lining up to see him!

I’m in the final week of my time off helping out with Ezra and it’s been a fun ride.  My typical day has consisted of bringing Sierra to daycare then coming home and waiting until Ezra and Vero wake up.  I then take Ezra out for a ride for a few hours to give Vero a break.  At first I didn’t know how long he could last so I would just zip into Canadian Tire and come home and watch Friends or Star Trek.  I then started to realize that he was easily falling asleep for 2-3 hours after a nice car ride so I got to take longer drives with him.

Here’s a weird thing that has happened over the past month…Google Photos is thinking that Ezra is Sierra!  I haven’t figured out how to switch it to recognize a different person but I suppose artificial intelligence has confirmed that they do look alike!

Onto the photos!

Tante Mern came for a visit!  Got the kid to sleep like a pro!

Ezra is as photogenic as his father.

Here he is trying to lift his neck up.  Some hard exercises at one month old!


While we had some great help from the midwife, our doctor wanted to take a look at him as well.  He enjoyed the visit to the doctor’s office!  It was interesting to see that he was in the 50th percentile in terms of height and then two weeks later he was in the 90th percentile!  The doctor said that at this age that could just be user error in terms of measuring.  Even a few centimetres can throw the percentiles off.

Ezra was lucky to have Aunt Maureen come and visit!  

Cousin Abbey inspecting Ezra.

I love both Abbey and Ezra’s reaction in this shot!

Staring into the void.

Cuddle time with Maman is the best time!

Good looking family here!

The inaugural Costco visit.

I busted a gut laughing at this one that I saw on Facebook.

I don’t wear many speciality socks but when I do I wear them high!  Thanks Trish!

Trish is back from PEI and excited to hang out with us!  We went to some new Mexican place for a late lunch and their stove was broken so we went to the Clocktower Pub instead.  Turns out they had 1/2 price appetizers!  Score!

This is how breastfeeding in the pub starts out before she can pull the cloth down.  I had to take a photo of this bandita.

Another great visit!

Trying to get the perfect shot!

Ah, the pinky finger.  My last ditch effort to calm the kid down.  Nothing else works at this point but this sometimes works.

Aunt Sue (let’s be honest, it was really Uncle Lynn) made this great blanket and octopus for Ezra.  Thank you!

More visitors!  Ezra is a lucky guy.

Mike and Melissa were gracious enough to come over for a photo shoot of Ezra.  He cooperated pretty good!

Here’s my favourite photo of Trish with Ezra.  She looks very impressed.

Vero was excited to show me that her old shirts were starting to fit again after her pregnancy!

Here’s one for the “Man and his sandwiches” blog!  We were taking Ezra for a walk and stumbled upon a new food truck in the middle of Vars!  I had a porketta sandwich and it was yummy.  We will definitely go again.

Nat is still on parental leave so we dropped by for a quick visit.  Clearly Ezra loves her!

Ellie wasn’t falling for my ‘Take a selfie while I steal your cracker.” trick.

Nat made a lovely blankie for Ezra me.

We don’t have a vegetable garden this year but Vero picked up a jalapeno plant for me and they are coming in pretty good!

Enjoying a little nap on Maman’s lap.

Sierra is starting a career in photography.

Sierra coaching Ezra through some tummy time.  Speaking about coaching, this reminds me how every time I was taking Sierra for a bike ride this summer she would yell out “faster, faster!” and I would have to say “Thanks coach!”

The Losier clan dropped by for a nice visit.

Vero really wanted to figure out how this thing worked with Sierra but we didn’t bother.  We decided to give it another try and it’s quite amazing how well it holds Ezra in place for a walk around the block.

15 minutes of the pinky finger and bam!

Ezra has been around for a month now and he has been eyeing up some key items in the house.  I figured I should take some photos for historical reference.

Good taste in music!

Psh, can’t forget the Pearl Jam of course.


TK-1908 reporting for duty.

With great pooping power comes great heartache.

One month later, he is starting to smile!  Vero did point out that he had the biggest burp of his life two seconds before this.  





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