Ezra’s second week

If the first week with Ezra was trying to find our balance again, then the second week was getting up and being able to skate around the rink a little.  Day by day it was getting easier as we figured out a good rhythm.  Vero realized that the easiest way to deal with the kid at night was to feed in the bed and let him go to sleep there as well.  Still, the kid is still like a vampire who sleeps a lot during the days and then just feeds at night.  Some days it’s frustrating and then others we realize the kid only two weeks old!

He seems to be a fussy baby when he isn’t eating.  It’s quite hard to find something that calms him down from grunting.  He’s not full out crying but he’s definitely grunting a lot and when the evening hits he does seems to start crying a lot more.  Things that calm him down : the pinky finger in the mouth, doing squats and…that’s about it.  We haven’t stumbled upon the magical formula yet although one night I put on Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and the kid fell asleep right away!  I was quite proud of that until the album ended and he woke up again.

Other than that, he’s quite the normal baby who sleeps, poops and feeds.  Nothing much else to report there!

The first bath!  After this bath we noticed his skin was super dry for the next few days.  Maybe we will bathe him in some moisturizer the next time around?

Chillin’ out in the play area.

Sierra is starting to take photos.  Other than not being in focus, it’s not a bad shot!

One of our first visitors!  Gen came over with some great muffins that were dairy free for Vero.  I thought they were quite tasty. Gen wasn’t convinced.

Seeing that Vero doesn’t get long stretches of sleep during the night, our morning routine generally consists of one last feeding before I take Ezra out to do something in town to give Vero some time.  Considering I only have a window of 1-2 hours before he wants to feed we go down the basement and wait it until until feeding time.  Here we are watching Star Trek together!  I think he’s really enjoying it as you can tell.  Sidenote: I’m finally watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and as of Season 4, it’s starting to pick up.

Here we are out at Michael’s one morning.  He sleeps through anything…including a shopping cart bouncing around the parking lot!

When someone asks how big Ezra is, I say “About double the spaghetti.”

The Hart family was nice enough to bring some much appreciated supplies for us!  Ben made an excellent whole chicken and potato meal that has lasted us for a few days now.  Plus there are still some burritos to dig into!   Thank you so much!

Yellow Submarine…lulling babies to sleep for the past fifty years.

We had to bring Ezra to a hearing test at the Metcalfe Community Centre.  We had never been there before.  We found it hilarious that the waiting area was some old cubicle (or perhaps it wasn’t an old cubicle…maybe it’s actually Bobs’ cubicle and he leaves for a few minutes to allow us to sit in his waiting area of a cubicle?).  Such is the life of small town community centres I suppose.  Anyhow, we were worried that we would have to come back again another day as Ezra was awake for the hearing test and they recommend they are asleep.  But one pinky finger to suck on had him quiet enough to pass the hearing test!  Hurrah!

Trying to get Ezra to calm down.

Whenever we can, we try some skin to skin contact with Ezra as the research says it’s quite good for him. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a baby on them?  We tried out Nanny Sybil’s new blanket that she had sent up.  Thank you so much Nanny!

Ezra hiding out with the blanket.

Nothing like a good campfire to knock you out.

I was not too impressed when Vero wanted to dress him up in this thing when we went out to Angel and Michel’s BBQ but she insisted he needed to be warm.  I feel he looks like Ralphie in his bunny outfit from A Christmas Story!

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