Happy Halloween!

The day started off quite well.

The only decent picture of Vero and Sierra.  Most of the other pictures had Sierra trying to steal her hat!

I ended up finally bringing my Trooper outfit to work!  It was a pain to do so…I had to make three trips since I couldn’t fit all the parts in one suitcase.  I’m not sure how others transport their gear in one shot…a hockey equipment bag?  It took about 20 minutes to gear up but it was cool to walk around the building dressed up like this!  Our work team really gets into Halloween each year.

Etienne, Nat and I posing in the mall.  I had a few people stop me to pose for pictures.

Getting ready for the main event!

Then the evening arrived and all hell broke loose.  Sierra was NOT a happy camper that night.  Even Mom and Dad arriving from out of town didn’t console her!  She was crying the entire way to the neighbours house.

I’m glad I didn’t go all out on her costume this year!  Her she is with her not so happy self.

We did end up scoring some good treats for her!


For historical purposes, I need to write down what happened with  my comic book experiment.  I decided to give out mini Halloween comic books this year but I failed to order them in time.  I accidentally sent the order to Vero instead of my comic guy!  Anyhow, he managed to find 50 Donald Duck comics so I thought they would be a hit.  We offered up the choice “Candy or comic?”  Out of 100+ kids who showed up, we ended up giving away 25 comics.  Quite the failure of my experiment.  However, I believe if I check out the price, a package of 25 comics are probably the same price as a 25 bags of chips so we may just switch it up next year and just give everyone a chocolate and a comic book.



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