Last Weekend of the Summer?

Vero’s parents came up on Tuesday for a visit to see us.  Let’s be honest, they came to see Sierra and if Vero and I weren’t home at the same time, it really wouldn’t have mattered!

On Friday, we brought them to the St-Albert Cheese Factory, a great little spot to get a poutine.

I had never realized that if you go upstairs, you can see the cheese factory in full operation.  It was quite interesting.

I am glad I got to return to St-Albert to rectify a mistake I made the last time I went…I ordered an Italian Poutine thinking the sign said ‘regular poutine but with Italian sausage!”.  But I ended up with a real Italian poutine which consists of fries, curds and cold spaghetti sauce.  Blech!  Luckily I tried the St Albert house poutine which has some veggies and ground beef.  Add some mustard in there and MMM BOY!

We met up with Oncle Claude, Mary, Antoine and André as well and we all ate our poutine on a beautiful summer night where there weren’t a lot of flies out.  I brought Sierra on some trips up and down the parking lot and I’m not sure if she enjoyed them or not.  In my mind, if the kid doesn’t cry, she’s ok with it!

I LOVE the look on the cow’s face!

On Saturday, I was itching to go to a beach.  Specifically, I just wanted my body to touch water this summer.  On a sunny day.  Preferably lake water.  But it was just too hot all summer long to bring Sierra out for long periods of time.  So that dream kept slowly fading.

But lo and behold, Saturday turned out to be a really nice day where we could bring Sierra out for a longer period of time and it was decided…we were heading to Petrie Island!  Trish had invited us to another beach further out of town which I’m sure would have been the nicer beach of the two, but it was a little far to travel for the baby’s first trip to the beach.  For all we knew, it would have lasted ten minutes and we would have went home.

Alas, the e.coli levels at Petrie Island were around 101 per 100ml of water and the website said that if they were that high for two days in a row, they shut the beach down.  Considering it could be a matter of 24 hours before e.coli levels spiked up, we decided against visiting the beach.

But with the hot tub pump out of commission, what’s a guy going to do?  In swoops Mike with an invite to come into the ‘cool’ tub, which was the hot tub set at 91 degrees.  It was a fantastic afternoon hanging out with Melanie, Max and Mike and Sierra got her first taste of swimming!  She quite enjoyed it and we can’t wait to introduce her to more!

Smiley McSmilerson

I have to admit I was pretty pumped that she was having a great time in the water.



Best men



Time to start burning some of the brush we accumulated over the past six years!

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