Look who came to visit!

Anne-Marie dropped by for the weekend to go to a workshop surrounding refugees.  She works for the University of Hearst and is responsible for a few refugees coming to Hearst in the next few weeks.  The workshop sounded interesting on paper in that she would learn about refugees experiences in Canada over the past year and figure out what are some things she can do to improve on their stay.  That being said, I didn’t get the debrief on the final day of the workshop so who knows if the thing was actually useful or not!

Hanging out with Pops.

We did all get to go out to the Etienne Brulé Brewpub in Embrun for a bite to eat.  MAN I love their beer.  It’s top notch.  I can’t get enough of that citrale.  As you may know, I myself dabble in the homebrewing world and have been trying to create something very similar to the citrale over the past few years.  I believe it’s now my life’s mission to try and replicate this concoction.

I really like the Etienne Brulé brewpub because it checks off a few things on my list of what I like in a restaurant…great service, tasty beers, no crazy overpriced meals, tasty food.  I have been ordering the smoked meat panini and the greek salad and it is pretty tasty.  I think if they would add some sauerkraut to the smoked meat panini (or offer it as an option?), it would create the greatest smoked meat panini ever.  Maybe I can bring my own in the next time?  Is that bad?

I might go check out their grand opening next month as our friend Marie-Claude is the cousin of the owner and they seem to be performing there that night which should be a fun gig!

On Saturday while I was trying to figure out the electrical in the kitchen (and getting quite frustrated with it…I don’t think I have ever worked on a single electrical plug so much in my life!) we had some visitors with license plates from Manitoba drop by for a surprise…Aunt Mariette and Uncle Greg!  They were driving back through to Le Pas from Gaspé and dropped by to meet Sierra.  It was great to see them both and give them a tour of the house as it was their first time there.  Sierra seemed to enjoy their company as photos show!

I’m pretty sure they were THIS close to taking Sierra back home with them.

I was cleaning up around the house and I thought I would give this baby carrying device a try.  Great success!

Corn moustache!


Lads, here is my goof off of a sister-in-law if you are interested!

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