Coal Chamber, Anthrax, and Pantera at The Warehouse, 01/29/98

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After waiting in line for 45 minutes, we finally got in and after being searched, we walked into Coal Chamber playing their set. I
don’t know but are they not Korn/Marylin Manson rip-offs, that is what it seemed to me anyway.

As Coal Chamber were finishing their set, we went into the pit waiting for Anthrax. Shawn and I realized at the moment Anthrax came on that we would get our asses kicked. As the first chord of “Caught in A Mosh” was struck, we were instantly separated. I moshed for about 15
minutes and I was really drained so I got out of the mosh pit and I went to get a beer. After enjoying this sacred drink, I figured
that I should maybe go and find Shawn in the pit and see if he was okay. No problem, there he was crowd surfing!

Anthrax played a couple of their old songs and some newer songs like “Only” and “Fueled”, they played “Startin’ Up A Posse” which
enlightened the country spirit in us. Phil and Dimebag came on stage and they played a a song by Celtic Frost and it rocked.
They finished the set with “Bring The Noise” and the whole place shook, it was a great moment. I can’t knock the pot smoking
in this concert because I could hardly smell any, I remember that night like it was yesterday. I found Shawn and we went to
have a beer or a couple, that I don’t remember.

We got pumped for Pantera and we walked right into the middle of the mosh pit, last band we figured, must make the best of it. They came on stage and they began their set with “Walk” and we really got our asses kicked. If you want to know what I mean buy the new live album and listen to it and imagine being in the middle of that, we imagined it and then we lived it. The only problem I had with this concert was that it was an all ages show and I, myself, had to pull a few kids out of the ground for they were practically suffocating. I tried to find Shawn during the beginning of “This Love” but when it kicked in I forgot about Shawn for I realised I was in the core of the mosh pit and I had to save my life. John Bush, the singer form Anthrax, came out during “I’m Broken” and screamed the chorus, it was really cool.

Note: Ifinally found Shawn, we were both drenched in sweat and ready for bed. I had an Italian class at 8:30 the next morning, I got
up and went, but every part of my anatomy was sore. I have never been kicked so much in my life and enjoyed it so much.

**** and a half because of the kids

By Joel Aubin

Review: Everclear/Our Lady Peace Jan 16, 1998 Corel Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Notes from scrapbook: First time at the Corel Centre. Everclear opened up…excellent band. Went with Shawn, Alain, Joe and Bruce. Nice seats too. Review from website: Our Lady Peace. To those of you who don’t have much knowledge behind this rock band…they are a Canadian band who has risen through the last years of Canadian rock status. I, myself was never really interested in Our Lady Peace until a few months ago. There was something about them that never really appealed to me…I had never really heard of them before they released their hit single “Superman’s Dead” and even after listening to that song…I was very disappointed with the band and never really understood why so many people loved them. Then after the months they released more singles on the television that I grew to like…and I believe the one thing that kept driving me to like them was the sole fact that my cousin Shawn loved them and we usually have very similar musical interests…so I figured if they were worthy of Shawn’s worship…they couldn’t be that bad…so in the end…I have become a fairly big Our Lady Peace fan which most likely will grow bigger after last night’s concert. Shawn…thanks for introducing me to your love in music.

To start it off…we have to go back a few months where my friend Alain and I were waiting in line to buy these tickets. They went on sale at 10 and I had the tickets in my hand by 10:04. The funny thing was that the floor seats had sold out by that time which can basically show you how popular they are. I was fairly disappointed in my luck of getting a floor seat (especially after getting up at 8. Good lord!). But we had seats in the 100 level which was just off the floor. And basically we were only two rows up off of the floor so I was very pleased at that. Anyhow…so began the long wait for the concert date…about two months away…until the night of January 16, 1998…

Shawn’s dad gave us a ride to the bus station to get a bus ride out to the Corel Centre. I can not express my thanks to him within the limits of words. Perhaps a case of beer will show my thanks. We took the bus for about 45 minutes while talking about the upcoming concert all the way there…we exited the bus to enter the gargantuan stadium…I believe it can hold up to 18500 people…that’s bigger than the population of Kapuskasing! We entered and found our seats which were basically a little to the right of the stage which provided an excellent view of the stage. We then proceeded to get purchase tour shirts which are always a must-buy at these concerts. It’s the only memento you can get, unless you want to bring your empty pop can home. It was your basic tour shirt with the Our Lady Peace logo on the front with dates on the back…nice shirt. There were Everclear shirts on sale also, as they were the opening band, but I am not made of money so I had to pass on it. Alain, Shawn and I went to our seats where we met up with my friends Joe and Bruce from my school.

Eight o’clock rolled around and Everclear right on time. The lights went out and of course everyone went wild. Over the PA system came a little snippet from the Beach Boys which is used by Everclear to introduce their song “So much for the afterglow”. A wicked song if you ask me. The band was dressed up in white shirts and ties…professional looks for some odd reason. Perhaps they think they have to dress up since they are actually making a living this way. Or maybe they just like to dress up. Let’s just say when I am in a band…I think I’ll dress the same way I always do. Anyhow…Everclear continued through the set singing songs from their new album and ones from their previous album; Sparkle and Fade. Now, I am not the biggest Everclear fan as I have never even heard either of their albums fully. Yet they played all the hit songs such as Santa Monica and Everything to Everyone. All in all, for a band who I never really paid attention to…they put on a good show…if you want to know anything more about their show…as in the actual setlist…let me know since my cousin Shawn knew more than me about them and should have a setlist with his review and something will a little more substance…

Highlight of the Everclear show: They played some instrumental song which was from their new album…excellent song in my opinion as it involves some great guitar playing and some great drum pounding…

At 8:40 they left the stage and the house lights came back up. We commented on the show so far and how Everclear was a decent band. Bruce said that it was kind of hard to understand what the singer was saying sometimes which was true…that’s why I like to hear the CD before going to a concert since you can actually figure it out if you’ve heard the song before…after awhile a giant video screen started playing a Twilight Zone episode called “The Dummy” which was pretty cool. I thought it passed the time while waiting for OLP ( as I will call them from now on.) Of course, I realized that the show was actually part of the OLP theme since it was a story of a ventriloquist and his dummy and how the dummy lived or something like that but in the Clumsy album you see pictures of a dummy in the liner notes and they also show up in their music videos. So it was some sort of underlying theme to the Clumsy album I suppose which was pretty creative.

The lights then went off and the crowd went crazy once again. Then on the giant screen appeared what looked like an old man in a superman costume. Then I realized it was the “birdman” who has appeared throughout both OLP albums…to make some sense to some people…it’s just this old guy who’s on the cover of Naveed (their first album) and Clumsy. So anyhow the video is just showing this guy standing their like some superhero with the audio track coming in and out of static and once in awhile playing bits of O Canada. Now at the start of O Canada, Shawn gets up from his seat thinking that the actual song is going to be played but sits back down after it ends…then after another 30 seconds the song comes on again so then I get up with a salute which was kind of funny…anyhow…at this point we were waiting for the actual band to appear…I had a bet with Joe that they would open with Automatic Flowers while he believed it would be Starseed…a rocking song from the old album. A beer was at stake here but I had that gut feeling…what kind of band opens with an old song anyways? Unless they’re Aerosmith or Van Halen…or some old band like that. Anyhow…the band appears on stage and Raine Maida (lead singer, guitarist) begins his little chant of “do-do…” which is the intro of Automatic Flowers. I was in a state of bliss as the band had finally begun and I had been victorious in my bet for the finer beverage in life.

Automatic Flowers-Well this just got the crows into a roar as it is at hit single right now on the radio/television so basically anyone who doesn’t have the CD, still knows OLP from this song. The lighting was fantastic, the drums were just deafening and the guitars were emitting some of the sweetest tones known to man. Amongst the craziness was the melodic voice of Raine which has a personal touch to it…a voice where you can recognize who’s playing on the radio if it comes on…and it was spectacular. The solo for the song brought a loud roar from all of us as Mike was giving it his all…all in all…a great job.

Hope-One great song off of Naveed which might have confused some of the fans in the Corel Centre since I’m sure half of them were pre-teens who never heard of Naveed before. A truly sonic song with the chorus “My God she said..” ringing in my ears and having me mouthing the words along. These are one of the songs which build up to the ripping chorus and throw back down into the verse. A great job once again.

Superman’s Dead-In the beginning, this was the song that shunned me away from OLP. At this moment, I have come to realize there is much more to this song other than a hit rock song for the masses. There’s so much emotion but into this song. The little intro threw everyone out of their seats including me…for some reason we must have figured you had to stand up to see these guys play…I think standing up shows appreciation to the band in some ways…anyhow the song continued along with the crowd chanting with him on his famous (a…awoohoo) part…if people don’t know what I mean…get the CD! 🙂 Anyhow the song was reaching the ultimate climax/breakdown where everything sort of dies and then starts back up…at the point of the breakdown…the song just stopped. Lighters were amongst us all and the crowd were giving an incredible applause…then down comes a light fixture for some reason and then the reason became clear as soon as the band continued on with the song….”and doesn’t anybody ever know….” the lights came on and engulfed the entire stadium in light…the crowd was singing along with him on this part…I believe he stopped singing to hear everyone but I can’t be too sure…I believe that seeing their fans out in the concert like this must have been the ultimate high…to see everyone’s faces directly upon them…with arms in the air…with their whole body into the music….then the band rips into the “the worlds a subwayyyyyy…subwayyyyyyyyy…” where the lights flicker off the crowd and then the song continues on with everyone…especially me and Shawn (I believe) in awe of the sight that has just appeared before us.

Birdman-Another hit from Naveed which began with some attention from the audience but not much. Not many people recognized it I suppose since they must have jumped onto the bandwagon with Clumsy…their second release. I hope that after they saw the concert they went out to the CD store and picked up their first album. I know I would have. Anyhow, the song begins and Raine is beginning to move around the stage since he doesn’t have his guitar in hand. By the way, his electric/accoustic was pretty nice looking..he was using it for Superman’s Dead I believe. It was a six string. Anyhow, he moved back and forth through the stage, emitting ovations from sides of the stadium as he neared them…then the guitarist started doing some improv where he and Raine just continued on with the “feel him…feel him close” part of the song. Now he added some more lyrics but I don’t know if it’s part of the song since I haven’t heard Naveed that much but it sounded like he was saying “he’s coming” or something. I’ll have to listen to the CD again. Anyhow, the got out of the improv session and continued on with full force. Truly a great song.

Musical Interlude (as I like to call it)-The lights dimmed and it looked like Raine left the stage. The remains of the band began a little jam session which had some really great distorted guitar and the drums were shaking my heart. At one point I swear I recognized a riff in the song so I believed this to be an introduction to the one song which got me hooked on OLP forever….and I was right…it led right into…

Car Crash-Instead of the usual bass line that introduces this song, they had the jam session which was cool enough. This song is a work of art in my opinion. When I heard this song for the first time it changed my view of OLP and made me appreciate them. This is a very dark song with brooding guitar and bass lines…which make the atmosphere tense…in behind the band appears a video which looks like you are traveling down a lone highway in the middle of the night…fits the song perfectly…the emotion put in this song is incredible and was greatly done. I thought that this might be a song where the emotion might have been diminished in a live setting, due to the high vocal notes in it, but I believe it surpassed the CD version. Truly an intense song.

Trapeze-A surprise for the night. Now Raine was telling a story about this song while Shawn was trying to say something to me but I believe I got the main idea of the story…a trapeze artist in Russia (or what used to be called Russia) would always look towards his partner and his wife before his jump every night. One night he looked at his wife yet her eyes were fixed upon someone else. He looked to where the eyes were laid upon and discovered that she was staring at the human cannonball…then the realization came to him as he exclaimed “My wife is sleeping with the human cannonball!” Now I’ll tell you right now that he was using some pretty colourful language at this point but I figure I’d spare you the details and give you the main idea. 🙂 But then they tell us that the song is about the thoughts of the man while he’s in the trapeze act…and whether or not he’s going to catch his fellow wife partner…they rip into the song which is just leaving an expression on Shawn’s face which is indescribable as this I found out later…was played two years ago and never seen again…it was supposedly going to be on Clumsy but didn’t fit into the musical essence of the album…now at this point I realize that the whole concert has had an underlying theme of Clumsy..with the dummy and also….the trapeze act. There were pictures of trapeze artists over the place…I believe that even though Trapeze didn’t make it onto the CD…they wanted some of the essence to be with the album so they took the underlying theme of the song and placed it with their Clumsy imagery. Shawn told me that he thinks this is the first time they have ever played the song in two years which makes me impressed that they would hold it off until the reached the capital.

Let You Down-man, I’m getting pretty tired here writing all this stuff…but I’ll continue on…Let You Down…a great song from Clumsy in my opinion…the intro just picked up everyone’s attention once again and they were pretty good throughout this whole song. All in all…this is a great song in my opinion…one of my favourites from Clumsy. There’s something about it…perhaps it’s the WICKED solo Mike goes into…I’m always a sucker for those guitar solos…

Stripped-down version of Julia-Well as they introduce this song…they begin by saying they received a demo tape from one of their fans (I guess) which had a different version of Julia on it. Now I am a big fan of Julia as it just rocks (guitar-wise.) They then start out with the piano and begin singing very powerfully…now at first I was kind of turned off with this version since I just loved the guitar in it…but then it hit me that this was a great version…with the piano and the vocals going at it strong…it sounded a lot more like a romancy song now but that was still cool. Of course, then the guitar comes in with an underlying guitar riff that matches the piano which was just great. I don’t believe Jeremy was playing the drums for this one but I might be mistaken since it was such a soft song. All in all…I was truly impressed by the amount of work put into this stripped down Julia…there was nothing that could top the unreleased song “Trapeze” and the stripped down version of Julia….well up until this point anyhow…

Naveed-In my opinion…this is favourite song off of Naveed (the album for all you non-OLP fans.) Now, basically it has the normal bass line, verse, chorus kind of thing but the one thing that touches me about this song is the part where it slows down to the part where it sounds like he’s trying to explain something to us….there’s he’s on his knees again….and then it dies down to the part where it picks up when he sings “another day is gone…is gone…”. Everyone must know what I mean…and the 12-string acoustic leading up through this part always sends shivers up my spine…so when this part comes up into the song….well the part where the song dies down…Shawn looks over at me and comments that this is the most incredible part of any song that ever is…as if I needed to know it! But something happened…the music kept repeating…and repeating…and repeating…it was delaying the inevitable which was throwing everyone into an applause…but then a loud hiss came out of nowhere and I thought that the sound equipment screwed up but alas…that was not the case…the “birdman” appeared once again on the screen and began reciting a poem…now I didn’t know what he was getting at but there was a great smile on Shawn’s face when this was happening…if you didn’t know it already…Shawn is the biggest OLP fan that I know of…the poem ends with the video looping at a certain spot where the birdman says “our lady..our lady…our lady..”. The video dies down and Raine comes out and says that if we didn’t know it…the poem is where they got their name from….Our Lady Peace….truly great….it left me forgetting that the greatest part of the song was coming up…then they start back up with the music coming to the ultimate climax…is gone…is gone…is gone…the only thing that disappointed me( yes, i was minutely disappointed) was the fact that he didn’t have his 12-string acoustic which adds so much to the song but it still left me in a state of bliss.

Neon Crossing-Honestly, this is a good song from Naveed but personally not one of my favourites. I haven’t given it a chance I suppose. But it was a good break from the emotional Naveed. It just rocked us back into our senses.

Carnival-Yet another great song from Clumsy. Another one of my personal favourites. I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes it onto the radio someday. It has everything that a hit song needs. The crowd truly enjoyed this one….after the song…I believe this is where the birdman came back onto the video where it appeared that he was preparing himself for the trapeze act…this is crucial to the whole concert setting…you had to pay attention to the video…no one really did anything during the video since it didn’t have much to it…

Starseed-The familiar intro to Starseed came upon us as spotlights engulfed Mike. The crowd rose and the cry from all of us was heard for miles. Starseed is a rocking song which IS a good opener even though they didn’t use it. Sorry Joe. The drums on this are incredible but as always…I’m partial to the guitaring which was inspiring…someday that’ll be me.

Dear Prudence-Well they introduced this song by saying “does anyone like the Beatles?” which brought forth a yell from everyone except from me since I never really listened to the Beatles in all honesty. Sure, I’ve heard some hit songs and stuff, but nothing that really touched me. So I was thinking this wouldn’t be the greatest of songs. Was I wrong! This was just rocking and made me actually appreciate the Beatles. I’ll have to check out this song someday. Shawn said that they have another Beatles cover song which rocks also. But they put their own flair into it. All in all…another great song…another great song to end the show…well…at least that’s what they had us believe as they said thank you…

Video Interlude-As the fans are cheering for an encore with all their hearts….finally we see a glimmer of hope as the birdman makes one other appearance. He looks up towards the ladder that he must climb to the trapeze act…he is hesitant and the audio is cranked so high that his own breathing is making the stadium shake…it is breathtaking…the hesitation is emitting a cry from all of us…”Do it! Climb the ladder! DO IT!” Everyone around us were waving their arms as if it would help the birdman. I was also crying for the birdman to make it up. Yet our attempts failed as he collapsed onto the floor like he was fighting some personal demon inside of him. Perhaps he was just scared of heights. I’m not sure. All I know is that something of a depression began to seep in as the birdman just lied there. I wasn’t really sure why this was happening until…

4 AM- This song is one of those mellow songs which have emotion into it again. I love the emotion songs. If you ever heard this one…you know what I’m talking about. Then the birdman made sense…it was an intro into 4am which might be a song to symbolize defeat in some ways…and I hope to God I figure out what’s wrong….the crowd singing along as if the statement meant something to us all…this song was bringing the lighters out which made me angry for forgetting to buy one ONCE AGAIN! But to my aid was Alain who let me hold his out for the duration of the song…and what a song it was…

Clumsy-The piano notes seared into the air which lifted everyone up and brought forth the biggest reaction of the night. From the opening lines everyone was singing along all the way through and the band was loving every minute of it…at one point Raine stopped singing but it’s not like anyone could tell…the singing along of the crowd was enough…i’ll be waving my hand, watching you drown…watching you scream…quiet or loud…”. Then he began singing again even though it’s not like he had to. The crowd was just great. The band was just great. It was just great.

And then they wished us all a good night….now here I was anticipating the return of the birdman to go through with the trapeze act but the house lights came on….and I was there pondering why they left the birdman alone on the floor…but as Shawn said…it must have been a great way to introduce 4am…which it was. I said goodbye to Joe and Bruce as they had their own vehicles and I returned to the bus while Shawn, Alain and I talked about the event all the way home. It was truly a great time and event and just left us in awe. Well, at least it left me in awe. If they’re coming towards you….let me know…I’ll be there.

Highlights of the show for me…Car Crash…and Naveed…I don’t have to talk about those two again do I? Great lighting also…strobes were pretty wild at one point in the show…

If you actually made it through this review…I hope you were pleased and maybe felt that you were sitting up there in the 100 level with me. Until next time.

Review: The Tea Party – Congress Centre

Notes from scrapbook:

Glueleg and Econoline Crush opened.  Shawn, Alain and Shawn’s friend came along.  Great show.  Took awhile to find the Congress Centre though.



Econoline Crush


The Bazaar

Army Ants

Fire In The Head




Hela Lisa/Sister Awake



Save Me


Turn The Lamp Down Low


Winter Solstice

Sister Awake


The River

Oliver Stone at the University of Toronto, 11/06/97

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Basically, a great director but horrible lecturer, he was mainly pushing his new book. It was cool to see for he is such a good
director but definetly a waste of thirty bucks. He hardly mentioned “Natural Born Killers”, what a rip-off! **

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Concert Review: Bruce Dickinson The Guvernment Toronto ON September 21, 1997

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If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, you would surely enjoy this concert. Reunited with ex-Maiden guitarist, Adrian Smith, Bruce
shows that there is life after Maiden. It was the Toronto date from his "Accident at Birth" tour and it was amazing. There were
very few people there, which made it more enjoyable (hardly any pot smoking!). There was an opening band and they were
pretty good, if I remember the name I will e-mail it to Ryan). One of the disappointments was that Geezer, Geezer Butler's
band didn't show-it is really hard to miss one quarter of Black Sabbath, if you believe that Black Sabbath are the gods of metal.
Anyway, I digress, they played songs from his solo albums and we were treated to two classic Maiden songs. When they
played "2 Minutes to Midnight" and "The Flight of Icarus", we were all chanting the lyrics it was definetly a moment. I
recommend this concert to anyone who is a Maiden fan and/or likes classic metal from Europe. **** (four for the lack of
Joel Aubin

Concert Review: Edgefest ’97

EDGEFEST '97 in Ottawa at Frank Clair Stadium.. Monday, June 30th, 1997.

by Shawn Mullin.

I've been an Our Lady Peace fan since the first time I ever heard a song about 2 years ago, maybe a bit more, I'm not really
sure, but does it really matter? The point is I've been a fan for a while now and until this amazing day I never got to see them in
a good atmosphere.. L-I-V-E. Sure, I saw them with Alanis last summer, but no one except the 3 guys I was with (we all gave
standing ovations after each song) got into the music so it wasn't what I wanted. Since then I've been waiting for a chance, they
were doing a campus tour, but being 16 and not having my University Student card I couldn't get in. It was REALLY frustrating
because by now I'd become like an OLP ambassador at school and a huge monster fan. I had heard of Edgefest, but all I
remembered was last year watching everyone else having fun watching OLP and other amazing Canadian bands in Barrie so I
figured I'd have to go to Barrie to ever get that change... when they announced it was coming here, to Ottawa, everything

Of course when they announced the tour I had no money. I needed to be creative. So I got my cousin/friend to lend me the
money... not very creative, but hell, what else was I to do? I hate being in dept, but it was that or no OLP (not to forget the
other great acts). So for the next 2 months I waited and waited and waited like the day would never come... on Monday it did!

It was a very memorable day that's for sure. 

My friends and I showed up at 12:30 and we were just a bit worried about the 34 degree temperatures and massive humidity...
I've been to concerts before and mosh pits are hot and draining in air conditioned buildings let alone boiling, humid outdoors.
Not to worry though, there were hoses! Not only a couple attached to the stands, but the security guys had some to spray
people with.

We got in at about 12:50 and just missed Moly's revenge... I'd say I didn't care, but that would be a little hasty considering I've
never heard them before... that girl is freaky looking though! I had called the day before and they said there were 10 000
tickets left, I thought the place would be empty, but it was just seats that they were talking about and we were all down on the
tarped football field.

That's where everything was BTW, in the football stadium (what else should we use that for in Ottawa?). There were some fans
in the stands while most were down on the field. It was covered in some sort of tarp with cussioning so you could jump high in
the air, land on it, and not feel any pain. Too bad we weren't at a grassy place or the hoses would have created nice mud
slides... oh well, beggers can't be chosers. Back to the action. The second stage was about 1/3 the size of the big stage and
was way at the far end of the field with the fan area behind it (CD store, magazines) I got a program and OLP was on the
cover :) Plus when some DJ from the Bear (there were 3 or 4 of them there and they were constantly introducing themselves
and their radio station) asked who everyone was there to see OLP got the big cheer. They're getting huge here folks... HUGE!

The first show we saw was Zuckerbaby... I had heard their song "Andromeda" so my hopes weren't all that high (I have
somethign against songs with like one sentance and a couple words repeated over and over again... is that just me? Maybe
that's my problem with Techno music.); but, they weren't bad, some good songs, of course the bands at the second stage only
played 4 to 5 songs (20 minutes) to keep on schedule, hell, the setup takes longer than the set. We were getting hot then so we
took a turn at the sprinker hose thing.

Up next... Sarah Craig, who took one hell of a long time to set up. If it wasn't for the water being constantly dumped on my
head by the security guard's hose and the leather pants Ms. Craig was wearing I might have fallen asleep right there! Her music
is so damn boring, and she kept dancing around like an idiot! Oh well, not everyone is OLP. Since there was no moshing
during Craig (surprise:]) we were drenched by the hose... tips for any future hose sprayers, you don't have to soak people
when there's no mosh pit or anything, all they need is a little mist. 

Finger 11 was next, I have their album as 'Rainbow Butt Monkeys' and they aren't bad. I thought there new stuff kicked ass
and this was the first little mosh pit. Everyone had all their energy and it was a nice wake up call to hear really loud guitars and
heavy vocals after Sarah Craig. I hope they come here again, because I'd got see Finger 11 to see a longer set. I also noticed
Jeremy, Duncan and the lead singer of AOE watching the Finger 11 set from the side of the stage, but I pointed them out as did
others so I think they left so they wouldn't take attention away from the band. After moshing in the amazing heat we finally
realized the greatness of the hoses! We really needed that :)

So Age of Electric was next... right? OK, after a long break on comes AOE drummer guy, wait a second, why is he taking off
his drums? Now the stage is completely empty no setup or band members in site... WHAT THE HELL? I was confused, I'm
not huge AOE fan, but I did want to see them perform, they would have been better off on the main stage when there's a band
like BTK there *shudder*. When we heard something going on at the main stage (it was 3:30...we'd been there for 3 hours
already! *hey, Naveed on the radio!*) we left. I later heard something about them not being at the show on time and doing on
autograph session and no set... oh well.

At the main stage BTK was playing. I'd never heard of them and I wish I hadn't. I really did think I was paying for a rock
concert, but I guess they decided to throw in some really annoying rap. I can handle that though, out of all the bands there only
3 were below average and other people seemed to enjoy it so let them have their fun. Still, I hated it and I just couldn't mosh to

It was like 4:30 afterwards and I wanted to have my super digested before I Mother Earth played so I went and waited in line
for an eternity and bought a really overpriced hamburger and coke (all together... 6 bucks, no foolin'!) and listened from my
spot sitting on the wet tarp with my friends as Glueleg (weird stuff, but pretty good) and Holly McNarland played. 

The whole atmosphere of the show was really cool. A bunch of people our age walking around a big area, taking in the
different sets, sitting down for the ones they didn't want to bother with, clear sky, sun shining, all that stuff... it was just a really
cool experience. Really relazing and exciting and all that... I'd do it again in a second. Keep wearing those nice summer clothes
girls :) (don't get mad at me, I'm just having some fun with ya' :])

Anyway, food was digested and Bear DJ was on the stage... time for the last time I get to see and hear the awesome sounds of
I Mother Earth live in concert as the original band.

I'd seen IME twice before, once at Porter Hall in Carleton U, small little Hall with a few hundred folks, and once with Moist at
the Civic Centre... both shows were really energy palked and a hell of a lot of fun. Now show #3...

I think they play the same set at every concert :)

The mosh pit was totally crazy, this was the craziest damn mosh pit I've ever been in. Before, you would crowed surf and when
you were taken over the guardrail by security you could easily find your friends again.. Not Here! The damn pit was like half a
mile long! Well, the whole width of a football field anyway, that stage is massive. So when I crowd surfed (I don't like to brag,
but as long as the pit is active I always make it all the way to the rail no matter where I start from :]) I was basically lost from
my friends, it took 2 songs to find them :) Also, once when I got to the rail a security guard litterally BELLY TO BACK
SUPLEXED ME!! No kidding! He really did. After that he looked really mad and starting shuving me down the ramp. I still
don't know what the fuck his problem was. Boy was it loud too, must of been waking up the neighbours (no Bryan Adams pun
intended there). IME was good, although for some reason I've never appreciated Edwin's sense of humour ("Wow, you guys
are good singers, maybe I should quit and you can take over" whatever...). The pit really was crazy though, I was so damn
tired and dehidrated (I was too far from the hoses) that with only two songs to go I just couldn't handle it anymore, I felt ready
to fall :) I had to go to the hose station and guess what song I missed? LEVITATE! Damn it! The funnest IME song in concert
and I was near death :) I got back in for the Rain Will Fall finally and gave IME a loud good-bye.

I needed some rest after that one and found out a couple of my friends got worn out after half the set... hehe, I outlasted them :)

Collective Soul was up next and frankly I wasn't expecting much. Their music is pretty good, nothing I'd buy, but I have it taped
and I listen to it sometimes, it's pretty catchy, but I wasn't really sure what one of their concerts would be like. Like I said, I
didn't expect much and usually when I'm all negative I don't enjoy something no matter what... Boy Was I Wrong!!!

I saw someone's review from this same show and they said something along the lines of "Collective Sould sucks so I slept
through their set" big mistake man, you missed out. Collective Soul pulled out all the stops and they put on one of the best
shows I've seen. They put energy into their music, they got the crowd involved by asking certain things from us during each
some, they chose good times to get the crowd to sing along, they even covered Ozzy's Crazy Train (a hell of a job too) and
they crowd went crazy. I've never seen a crowd so won over. They had a so-so reaction when they first came on stage and
after they were done everyone gave them a huge cheer, and it was well deserved. I was even wondering if OLP could compete
with the type of show Collective Soul put on. Even my friends agreed with me, this isn't just me!

Another cool thing about that concert was the fact that there was no heavy moshing... some jumping up and down, but I had
some energy stored up for the last two shows and I would need it...

TWO QUICK THINGS... during the Collective Soul set they said we had some great bands in Canada and should be proud...
after that a big, massive, red Maple Leaf balloon with Canada written on it appeared over the festival and the crowd all looked
to it and went absolutely BESERK! It was great, I am such a huge patriot (nationalist nut if you weeeeeeelll) and I was really
proud at that moment! Another thing was that a plane carrying an ad for the Tea Party album circled during Collective Soul,
that was pretty classless if you ask me, to hawk their CD during someone else's set.

So, we all talked about how surprising Collective Soul was and out came the Tea Party. I'm sort of indifferent to them, they're
good, but once again I've never thought of them as anything special... I like Sister Awake and some of their last album stuff.
They put on a pretty good show, plus some of the crowd surfers were funny and we had fun trying to either keep them up as
they were a bit... well... Jurassic :) or toss them as far as possible 'cause they were rakes like me... that's fun. So the Tea Party
was good, no complaints. Except for teh fact that the hose guy seemed to be targetting me! I kept getting like 10 second
straight hits from the hose the entire set! I wasn't the only one who noticed either, everyone around me was laughing... I don't
think giving the guy the finger helped by cause much either :) It was getting dark...

As the Tea Party's set ended we all fought our way to as close to the stage as we could get, no sitting down and staying half
way up for Our Lady Peace! We would be front row if it killed us!!! Oh, and it did, everyone was pushing to the front and
crushing us! They gave us some water and then put down the hoses as if they wouldn't need them! Oh boy did they ever. 

So by now, due to all the hose water

This is what I'd been waiting for, 2 years of waiting! Of course they had to stretch out the setup, the anticipation was amazing.
It was almost totally dark now (9:45) and everyone had been chanting Our Lady Peace for a while (every once and a while I
threw in a "We Want Raffi" or "Sharon Lois and Bram" chant only to be hit in the back of the head.) we were all gettig all
anxious... and BANG!! LIGHTS OUT!!!

You should have heard the crowd folks, unbelievable! They went nuts, not that I didn't! I loved it! As the opening bass of "Car
Crash" started (glad they kept the crowd melow and calm at the start, if they'd gone straight into like "Starseed" I think the
ground would have caved it :]).



Raine just stood there at the microphone motionless with his head pointing at the floor while Duncan kept playing the bass line
over and over again... finally he started the song and man oh man was the crowd pumped. This song is great in concert because
it has so much emotion in it, I guess the credit there has to go to Raine, but it was just awesome. Right away after that they
broke into Automatic Flowers and the pushing from the back (and occasional crowd surfer landing on my head) was becoming
a bit of a problem!



Everyone in the crowd went "Do Do..." etc. with Raine. That was pretty cool. The crowd started to get a little pushy and I was
losing a lot of sweat, becoming dehidrated. Actually, for the first few songs it was hard to enjoy them because I was
concentrating on being squashed and worrying about my neck and crowd surfers over my neck :) Great song...



The cheer at the moment they started the opening of the song was cool and everyone sung along with this. They hit it pretty big
with this song. I wish they'd played it later when I was more able to concentrate on the song, but it was good live, especially
when everyone in the whole place was going "Doesn't anybody know the world is a subway" On that Note...

I was dissapointed to hear Raine's explanation for why the World is a Subway.. I forget it now, but I like mine better... take a
read of this and see what you think...

***No matter who gets on or off and what kind of strange people act in strange ways the subway just keeps going around and
around just like the world jus keeps going' round no matter who dies or who lives***



Same deal with the non-word parts to get the song going, fans all did 'em too. I think most people there knew the words to the
songs :) Hell, I was signing along! At the end here they finally started to take out the hoses and I figured out how to relax in the
really cramped front of the pit.. it's simple.. just stand still and lean back, just plain relax and you'll be fine.



Raine told the story to this song (why the story to Carnival? I'm sure the other songs would have been better to talk about, but
what the hey :]). He talked about the game you'd play walking on the sidewalk when you were a kid trying not to step on the
cracks or you'd break your mother's back and he related it to some real world thing (I was not totally focused at all times).
Good song too. 



I think the 'Naveed' songs were better live just because they seem to have a rawer energy to them that I was really able to get
into. It's hard to explain but I hope that works for ya'. Cool song, and I was finally really getting 110% into enjoying the
awesome show with all the crazy fans around me.



When Raine started to do the "Is Gone, Is Gone, Is Gone, Is Gone" part of this amazing live song I got chills down my spine!
Wow, it was just amazing. Naveed is just one of those songs that can rival anything else live. Plus everyone sung along and I
really got into it.



I've always liked this song, but I'd forgotten about it for a while, now I remember :) The crowd wasn't into it as much for some
reason, but it was still a good live song.



Everyone was relaxing and singing along, I love it when songs like this are played at concerts and it was perfect timing for it.
Everyone had gone nuts for a period and here everyone just sort of calmed down, cooled off and sung along every word in this
really emotional performance. I knew it would be cool live... and just as it ended I happened to mention to my friends if they
burst into "Julia", my personal favorite song by Our Lady Peace that I've never heard live, and sure enough....



I didn't think they'd play it. I always thought this was the most underrated and slightly best OLP song ever recorded to this
point. 3/4 people with me that day agree that it's their best song so I can't be confused can I? When they started playing this I
went nuts and I went horse yelling and singing really loud along with the song. Hell, I even added a part of the song that the
band didn't add live (a loud "YEAH!" during the chorus) but is on the CD. Plus I found a way to jump up and down and get
others to do it during this song... in a crowded pit at the front that's something!

Wow, I'm so glad they played it, that's probably the only time I'll hear that song live.



Having Julia and Starseed Back-to-Back is a killer idea! Having it go from the type of song 4am to these 2 songs is the best 3
songs in a row I've heard at any concert I've been at. The end of Starseed was just crazy and I think I'd almost lost my voice at
that point with my cheering and loudly singing along. At that point I was litteraly having the absolute time of my life! and then
they left....

Let me point out right here that no other band had done an encore that entire day... but the lights didn't come up and they still
hadn't played "Clumsy". Chants ranging from Encore to OLP to Clumsy went up throughout the entire crowd, and they weren't
going anywhere. OLP came back out and they went beserk again!



I don't think I've ever heard a crowd reaction to a song better or louder than they had for Clumsy. Except maybe all those
Alanis fans cheering for You Outta Know, but who cares really about that? That part where all the instruments stop playing and
Raine just sings "I'll be waving my hand, watching you drown, watching you scream" was something to behold man! Whoa!



Most people didn't know what this song was, but I did and I saw it coming. 10 minute version of it too, they dragged it out and
when they finally finished everyone gave them a big cheer and slumped their way outta there. 

OLP was awesome. Raine doesn't jump around the stage like some singers, but from what I've seen the real asset he has on
stage is the emotian, he's got it, I haven't seen a singer who can top that before, seriously, that was the key. He, and the rest of
the band (they were all playing together during TNK) were really into the music and that's great. Plus they had some awesome

I'm still soar, but what a show and so worth it! Right after the show I had a really hard time mustering up the energy to walk
over to the payphone even! That takes it all out of you.. and the next day was Canada Day at the Hill... oh well... once again it
was worth it.

The festival atmosphere is really cool and the bands were great and the amazing electricity. If you can go... THEN DO IT! All
you people in the WEST get off your asses and go get tickets ASAP! That's it for me, can't wait to see more of OLP.

Review: The Smashing Pumpkins – Maple Leaf Gardens – Toronto ON

Notes from scrapbook:

Smashing Pumpkins!!!  Went down with Kevin Stewart one weekend.  Awesome show.  Grant Lee Buffalo opened up.  Pretty well some of the worst spots in the gardens but the experience was still there.


Grant Lee Buffalo


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness @Tape
Where Boys Fear to Tread
Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
To Forgive
Tonight, Tonight
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Cherub Rock
Thru the Eyes of Ruby

Porcelina of the Vast Oceans @Info[With “Beautiful” and “Rocket” tease outro]

Some Kind of Wonderful [Carole King]

Silverfuck @Info[With “The Aeroplane Flies High” tease outro]

Concert Review: Alanis Morisette/Our Lady Peace Ottawa ON August 9, 1996

I know it's been a while since august 9th but I was always too lazy to write a review. I'll write one now. 

I saw the Alanis show at the Corel Centre, and even though Our Lady Peace got a warm welcome, it was definetly the
Morissette crowd. 

Frente was the first band playing, (the seats were about 60% filled at this point) and they stunk. I had never heard Frente
before and I hope I never will again. All they did was make me look even more forward to Our Lady Peace, who I had paid
40$ to see. The only song name I remember is hands under my ass or something. The biggest cheer they got was when they
said it was their last song.

It was a long wait for Our Lady Peace, but well worth it. The way the got the crowd excited was to start turning the box light
soff then the rest.

Overall the show was great, their performance anyway. They don't have the money Alanis does, so there wasn't a big lights
display or anything. A lot of people seemed to enjoy it and know the words to the popular songs, but it wasn't electric when
they performed.
#1 they played Hope, live hope is a harder song, I like it better.

#2 They played a new song, I think it had the word big in it, but I was pretty high up and I couldn't hear. I like it, it was a pretty
hard song, but I've only heard it once and I don't really remember it. 

#3 I think this is where they played "Birdman", sounded pretty much the same, but still excellent, the groups energy was starting
to pick up. They don't jump around a lot or anything, maybe they would if they had a more intemant croud who was there to
see them. 

#4 Here they played a song called "Trapeze", he first told the story of the song. It was about this trapeze guy in the russian
circus, he was married to another trapeze person and he had found out that she was having an affair with the human cannonball
(people laghed at that). The song was about the few seconds inbetween the time he was on the platform and in the air, deciding
weather or not to catch his wife. He told the story better then me. It was another great song, there is something different about
the new stuff, I can't put my finger on it, it sounds like it will be more popular. It is definatly OLP though. I couldn't decide if this
song or Clumsy was my favorit of the 4 new songs. 

#5 STARSEED, great performance, a lot of energy, everyone knew the songs and got into it. It wasn't the best performance of
the night though, that tells you how good they are. This was the second time you could hear the patented "YAHEE" always a
crowd pleaser. 

#6 Another new one, called Car Crash, and you guessed it, it's about a car crash. The hurt of losing people I think, that sort of
thing. Now, I don't like to compare the sound of this song to "Under Zenith" but it is the UZ of the new songs. Slower, and
there was a lot of passion when it was sung, maybe it stems from personal experience.

#7 CLUMSY, this is the best "lighter waving" song ever made by Our Lady Peace. I liked it a lot, I think the band does too as
it was the last of the new ones performed and they got into it. Raine plays guitar on most of the new ones. It adds something to
the songs, not better, not worse, just different. 

#8 NAVEED, I've heard from a lot of people that this is fun as hell to play, and it must be true. They were amazing on this
song, finishing the set with the best of their performences. 

That was it, I was hopping they were just taking a break, but allas they were done. I still stand by the fact that I have never
heard a bad OLP song. I can't wait for the new album whatever it will be called. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of work put into
it. My friends and I were the only ones in the Arena who gave a standing O after every song. 

There was a real long wait for Alanis, now the arean was 100% filled, most of the people showed up for OLP. Just before the
lights went off the wave started up, I didn't think that happened at conerts, I guess it was the building's fault. 

When the lights went out everyone went nuts for about 10 minutes, a longer ovation then Guy Lafleur got when they said
goodbye to him at the forum. It was electric, and even if you don't like Alanis you'd have appreciated the show, and
atmosphere. This was now a rock concert. 

There were a few good songs, nothing real bad, pretty good music. She puts a lot of effort into her performances but the music
was not close the the OLP standard. 

The only thing that annoyed me is that she did a 2 songs encore, left and then did another 1 song encore, waiting like 10
minutes each time. I was getting annoyed, "You Learn" was exactly scene by scene like the video. Totally worth the money and
I'd do it again. 

One last note on the Corel Centre, there isn't a bad seat in the house, unless of course you are behind the stage. 

"I let go of the world I was holding a passenger that could not fly" 


Our Lady Peace 

Shawn Mullin