Concert Review: Joe 90/Gigolo Aunts/Counting Crows Metropolis Montreal, QC November 13, 1999

Counting Crows-Metropolis, Montreal November 13, 1999

Went along with Joe and Amanda.  Great place to have a concert….like Barrymore’s but bigger.

Joe 90 and Gigolo Aunts opened.  Gigolo Aunts were really great and Dan came out for the last song and he was wearing a funny hat.

Charlie comes out talking about the AIDS booth in the corner and how to get information from it.

Then the radio station comes in and tells us this is being broadcasted over the radio and the net.  Too bad I didn’t get a copy!

Starts off with Magical Mystery Tour.  
Mr. Jones-Same as always…little intro and then rips into the cool version.  Some guys started to crowd surf at this point.
Daylight Fading-I love this song and the lighting was great.  Dan was wild in the solo.
Children In Bloom-First for me.  Never heard it live.  Very cool and Matt had a great bass solo.
High Life-Introduces this song while holding up a bristle board from a fan…it seemed to ask if he could play guitar on a song and he was saying how they already had enough guitarists on stage and they were handsome handsome devils.   Introduced this song as off This Desert Life and it was pretty cool.
Omaha-Awesome accordion by Charlie.  Gotta love it.
Monkey-I couldn’t believe they played this song.  I never heard of them ever playing this and he even admitted he hasn’t played it for 3 years.  He talked about meeting a Canadian girl in New York which prompted an interest in this optimistic love song again.  Loved it!
Another HorseDreamer’s Blues-Great stuff!  I love this song more ever since I saw it live in Kitchener and I’ve been playing it on guitar forever.  
Catpult!!!-By far my favourite Crows song.  I couldn’t believe they played it.
Hangin Around-Brought Joe 90 and Gigolo Aunts out for this one and had all of us clapping.
Amy Hits the Atmosphere-Adam sat at the piano for this one and the place shook when they sang ‘I’ve waited so long’.
All My Friends-Good song.
I Wish I was  A Girl-WICKED!  I love the lead in this song and it just builds up at the end!  It was great.
St. Robinson And His Cadillac Dream-Good song.
Rain King-Great song with a little improv in the middle.
A Murder of One-Rocking song.  I felt that the crowd just wasn’t as kerazy as the Kitchener crowd but I got right into this song.
Anna Begins-Always a favourite.
Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby-Thank God they played this song.  It looked like they just came up with it too since it wasn’t on the setlist (that I caught a look of later on.).  He sat down for this one and was shaking hands and stuff.
A Long December-Had a new intro with the accordion and piano.  Kind of neat.
Walkaways-Started the song and stopped it concerned with a fan who might have fallen down.  Then he goes ‘ah shit’ cause they never really fell down (I think).  They started the song up again.  Awesome song.

Review: Counting Crows at Metropolis (Montreal)

Notes from scrapbook:

Very cool concert!  It was even on a webcast!  Joe 90 opened.  Went to this with Amanda and Joe.  Almost got killed driving there.  Thanks Amanda!

Opening bands

Joe 90

Gigolo Aunts


Mr. Jones
Miller’s Angels
Daylight Fading
Children in Bloom
High Life
All My Friends
Another Horsedreamer’s Blues
I Wish I Was a Girl
Amy Hit the Atmosphere
A Murder of One
St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream
Rain King
Thunder Road [Bruce Springsteen]
Hanginaround @With Gigolo Aunts

Anna Begins
Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby
A Long December

Review: The Cranberries at Molson Ampitheatre

Notes from scrapbook:

Went with Larisa, Kevin, Angela and two of her friends.  Collective Soul was awesome and so were The Cranberries.  Molson Ampitheatre is pretty cool.

Setlist (The Cranberries)

Animal Instinct
No Need to Argue
You and Me
When You’re Gone
Daffodil Lament
I Can’t Be With You
The Icicle Melts
Ridiculous Thoughts
Dying in the Sun

Setlist (Collective Soul)

Tremble for My Beloved
Precious Declaration
The World I Know
No More, No Less
Where the River Flows
I Will Follow [U2]



Review: Counting Crows at Lulu’s

A review for the masses. Counting Crows have become my favourite band nowadaysÖI remember the first time listening to them with Randy at some party where he was really into the music. I couldn’t understand why at the time but later on, I bought Recovering The Satellites which changed the way I looked at music.

I went with Joe to Waterloo to check out the Crows who were on a mini-tour through Canada to test out their new album material. I promised myself that I would hunt the Crows down to wherever they might play inside Ontario and I’m wondering if it was a coincidence that it was in Kitchener of all places, where my girlfriend lives.

Joe, Erica, Kevin, Larisa and I went to Lulu’s Roadhouse which is supposedly one of the largest bars in North America to see the Crows. When I entered this place, I was blown away by the size. It was massive! It had a restaurant feel to it, a country bar I suppose. At this point I realized I forgot my camera in the car and I couldn’t go back to get it. I kicked myself and then bought a beer to make me feel better. Ha ha! At first I was disappointed because I saw everyone sitting down and I thought you had to get a table to see the concert! Bummer deal! But then as I got closer I saw the tables around the standing room area. Sweet!

The Gigolo Aunts were already playing when we got in. We went down to the floor where we got a WICKED spot about ten feet from the stage. Gigolo Aunts were a GREAT band and I can see why the Crows brought them along on the tour. I was debating whether or not to buy their album but then I saw that I had to fork out 30 bucks for a shirt! The shirt is kind of neat though. On the front is pictures of planes which as the title This Desert Life which is the name of the new album due out in Mid-October. On the back has ìCounting Crows-Millennium Tourî. Nice.

I get back to the floor where Adam Duritz and some of the other boys coming out on stage to join the Gigolo Aunts!!! The rip into a song which starts ìSo you wanna be a rock and roll starî which I took as Mr. Jones since the Crows open that song in concert. I later found out it was a song by the Byrds. I will have to check it out since it was WILD! They then left the stage where I was left in awe to think that I was actually there.

Magical Mystery Tour song comes over the PA system. I knew this would happen since Iíve read reviews of the previous concerts throughout Canada. At the end, the moment I waited for for 2 yearsÖ.the band comes on stage.

Mr. Jones-The band starts out slow with the accordion and the lights coming upon them. ëSo you wanna be a rock and roll starí is sung again and I go wild! Then they rip into the regular electric version of the song which is awesome. Everyone was digging it. Great song. Kevin looked pretty happy as he only knew two songs by Counting Crows and this was one of them. I laughed when he told me that.

Have You Seen Me Lately?- I LOVE this song. Randy and I used to play it all the time. They played the accoustic version which is found on the live album. I like this one better since itís easier to sing to. By the way, Adam has shaved his goatee if I didnít mention it. It was kind of weird to see him like this as itís been awhile (from pictures and such). Adam does a lot of hand motions in this song when heís singing ëgive me the blue sky, give me the black cloudsí. He is greatly into this and the audience.

Daylight Fading-Wow! This is the first Crows song I learned on guitar. I like it even though it has a country music feel to it. Great stuff! I am absorbed by the music at this point. Thereís this guy behind me who keeps screaming ëOmahaí in between songs. I find him funny but later on Iím sure heís going to get on my nerves.

St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream-Adam says that theyíll start playing some new songs for us. The new album will be out in October sometime and this is a song from it. I LOVED this song. It had a catchy chorus which for some reason I canít remember now. It was true Crows and will be a great song on the new album.

Mercury-Adam starts talking about how women in the past have twisted him inside out and how they rip your heart out which is greeted by the cheer of the men in the audience. He goes to say that this song is about those women because theyíre just like mercury. They brought out this wicked guitar which they played slide on. I think itís actually a steel guitar that they play. I love this song as he puts so much into it. He was sitting on a speaker for this one for the most part. Reaching out to the crowd too.

Omaha- Right before this song starts the guy behind me is still screaming Omaha as heís been doing ALL night long. Funniest thing was that when this song started up, he was so surprised he couldnít say anything. I was surprised they played this song as it is fairly old and not that popular but I was pretty happy when they did so.

Another HorseDreamerís Blues-The Crows introduce one of their friends from New Orleans who came up to play trumpet on the tour. He also plays the trumpet on their song Chelsea and Good Times (the latter which has never been released yet! As if!) I believe his name was Arthur Clark. He did a little trumpet solo to intro the song which was great. He put this bluesy feel to the song and the lighting was great. I wish I had a tape recorder for it. Iím in love with this song now after hearing it live. It used to be one of my least fave songs.

Round Here!!!- Wicked! Unbelievable! I love this song! This song was exactly like the live album version but then he threw some great lyrics in the middle of it. If youíve heard the live album, you know what I mean. He began rambling onÖîSo if you want to claim your fame, just go and play the gameÖgo to the agency man and make an album which will go farÖbecause you are a rock and roll starî Stuff like that all over the place. I loved it! It goes along with his whole feeling on how rock and roll stardom isnít all itís cut out to be since you lose a lot out of it along the way. Then he rips into the song again and leaves everyone freaking out! At the end he sings some more ëSo you wanna be a rock and roll starí. After the song is done, he says we should now know that this is the theme of the night if we didnít already know. Great song which lasted at least 10 minutes. I donít think many people were expecting him to go this long but I knew he throws a little into this song.

Recovering The Satellites- The lights go green and makes the band hard to see and they start playing Recovering. A smile comes over my face as this song sums up a lot of feelings about the Crows. I love it when he sings the line ëshe sees shooting starsí and ëbababab ba ba baí.

Hangin Around-Ok, hereís the thing. Iím finishing this review months after this concert so I will keep these comments short since I canít remember too much about it. Iím writing this after I have ëThis Desert Lifeí so I know all the songs they play. They brought the Gigolo Aunts to clap and sing along with them on this song. Great song! Very catchy.

Speedway-First time ever that they play this song live. Very impressed by it, it set a great mellow mood.

Rain King-Always a great one

Mrs. Potterís Lullaby-This is the first time I ever heard the song and months later the tune was still in my head. I love this song. One of my favourites in the world. ëHey Mrs. PotteríÖsomething that you canít forget about.

Sullivan Street-Surprised they played this but still good.

A Murder of One-Funny part of this was when he forgot where he was playing when he sang the ìIíve been to Paris, been to Romeî part.

Long December-Adam mentions that the first song he ever learnt in school was Beth by Kiss and this is it but he starts out with Long December.

Anna Begins-Wild song with the New Orleans trumpeteer. Best version of the song Iíve heard.

Walkaways-Always a cool ender for the night.

Review: The Tea Party at Barrymore’s Music Hall, Ottawa, May 18, 1999

The Tea Party..concert review… The Tea Party-Barrymore’s, Ottawa, May 18, 1999

Rumour had it that The Tea Party were doing a mini-tour sponsored by Pepsi in which you had to win tickets off the radio. As
you can tell by this review, I did win tickets (Thank the Lord) and proceeded to the concert with my friend Donna.

Army Ants-At first, I never like this song but it is a great song if you feel it. It’s something that Jeff Martin puts so much emotion
into. Of course, he puts a lot of emotion into all his songs. I so close to the stage, that if I could get past the bouncer, I could
probably unplug his guitar. It was awe-inspriring.

Touch-He introduced this song as the first song off of the new album Triptych. It was a great songÖ.the guitar playing was
incredible and it had the powerful drum beat to it which could give you a headache after awhile. The response was great and he
smiled and said “That’s good, that’s good.”

Fire In The Head-The crowd starts up for this one. Nothing can beat any of the Edges of Twilight songs. So powerful they are.
This version was like the one I saw the last time.

Psychopomp-I think this is my favourite song by The Tea Party. It starts off lightly and then builds up to the ULTIMATE
climax. Such a beautiful song. Reminiscent of the version seen before, minus the orchestra. The lights set the mood greatly.

Underground-Another song off of Triptych, this song had a dark gloomy feel to it which might explain the name to it. A great
song with a catchy riff.

The Bazaar-Another great song off of Edges. Jeff rips into this one. Too much soloing for my eyes to handle!

Save Me-This was awesome! I didn’t think I would hear this song but it was too much. When he screams “Save meÖ”, it hits
something inside everyone around. Or they hit me, as many wild and crazy folks were doing.

Release-Very mellow song which was not unlike the album version except for a little added solo to it.

Temptation-The album version is tame in comparison to the live version. There is so much to it, and they throw in some great
solos which extend the song to a good 7 minutes. I love this song now after seeing it live.


Heaven Coming Down-The new single off of Triptych. I don’t mind this song, but I don’t think it’s the best either. He brought
out a cool guitar for it though. I should give the song credit though, I don’t think The Tea Party has a bad song.

Sister Awake-YES! Sister Awake! Everything was the same as the last concert I saw. I suppose if you’ve achieved perfection,
why mess with it? He started off with the acoustic, proceeded onto the drums along with Jeff and Stuart, then strapped on the
electric which blew me away.

Last thoughts-This guy changed guitars every song. Seriously! They were the same two guitars except for this one he played in
Heaven Coming Down. It was kind of funny but I think he uses different tunings all the time so he has to switch all the time. I
was impressed by the performance but disappointed that they did not play the River AND that they only played for an hour. I
suppose they will go all out this fall when they go on an extensive tour. Until thenÖ


Concert Review: Joydrop/Collective Soul – Porter Hall March 23, 1999 – Ottawa, ON

Collective Soul..concert review... Collective Soul-Porter Hall March 23, 1999

Here's my much anticipated review of Collective Soul as seen in the month of March. It's June now, so I hope the thoughts of
that night still remain fresh. 

I went with Larisa to Porter Hall which was a pain to find. The funniest thing was the fact that there is a massive rock concert
going on next to the Muslim prayer room. I laughed when I saw that.

We were in line and talking to some lady who went on and on AND ON about how much she loved Collective Soul and how
hard it was to get tickets. Needless to say, we ventured AWAY from here at the first chance we had.

Porter Hall isn't the biggest place to have a rock concert. For those of you from Kapuskasing, think of the auditorium floor in
KDHS and that is how big it is. There were over 600 fans…very intimate.

Joydrop opened who were pretty decent. They have a hit single called Spiders which I recognized. I was very impressed by

Collective Soul came on out with a very nice light show and a song which sounded like John Lennon came over the intercom. I
heard the familiar start of the Dosage CD which is the intro to…

Tremble For My Beloved-This is my favourite song off the Dosage album. Ed Roland came out and I swear John Lennon took
the stage before us. I suppose that was the reason for the John Lennon song opening the band. Ross Childress took the stage
to the left where he could have enough room for his wicked solos. 

Smashing Young Man-Awesome! Starting off with some great songs from the self-titled album is a great way to get the fans
going since I think that was their most rocking album to date, although Dosage is by far a great album. They slowed it down
during the middle with Ed just singing.

December-This is the part where Larisa decided the back part of the crowd was not where I was in my essence, so we
proceeded to the middle where the action was. Funny, usually the front is the most hectic. Great view at this point. The crowd
was feeding off the energy from the song. Such a beautiful song. Strobe lights graced us at one point with the beat of the song.

At this point I really can't remember the order of songs so I'll try my best….

Generate-AWESOME song off of Dosage. The drums went with the lights which is a great effect. This song goes down in the
books as having a great solo. There were even two guys bowing to Ross as he achieved higher planes with his solos. Great

Run-Electric version. Everyone knew this song since it was one of the new singles. I remember listening to a guy next to me
rhyming off the chords as they played them. I thought that was pretty funny since I actually knew what he was talking about.
Not a rocking song but one that is just mellow.

Precious Declaration-This was the first Disciplined Breakdown song, which in turn through everyone into a frenzy. At this point
I have to say that Larisa and I are amongst goliaths who looked like they were from a football team. Not a great situation to be
in, but we held it out. Larisa can rock like no one else. 

Listen-another great song. Can't remember too much about it.

Blame-A nice little intro for this song with a lone blue light on Ed. I love the way they enhance the songs with little interludes all
over the place

Simple-A long interlude here…a good five minutes. I love these songs from the second album. They all are rocking. I swear my
vocabulary must be enhanced while writing these reports…rocking, awesome….

Gel-Another good one.

No More, No Less-Honestly, I don't remember this one being played but Larisa remembered it. I think this was when I was
absorbed on the incredible stage. 

I Will Follow-Ok, I'm not the biggest U2 fan, but I gotta give these guys credit where credit is due. This was the biggest song
of the night as all the crowd got into it. There were rumours of the band playing Crazy Train again this year, as they did last year
at Edgefest….there was even a fan with a sign saying 'Crazy Train' on it. But this year they decided to throw some U2 into the
mix which turned the crowd wild. I remember orange lights on the crowd.

Where the River Flows-Can't remember this one.

World I Know-Mellowed everyone out. A beautiful song.

Breathe(?)- I'm not sure if this was Breathe or not. All I remember is that is was from the first album.


Heavy-The first single for the Dosage album actually wasn't that rocking as one might think it is off the album. It was great, but
didn't throw the crowd into a state of frenzy. Maybe it was because it was after the U2 song.

Shine-This was Larisa's favourite song of the night. Nothing can beat this song's solo. There's just so much emotion to it, so
much feeling. Words can't describe this song. 

Last Thoughts: It's been awhile since I've written a review for a concert. I guess it's shorter than my other ones which is joyous
to all of you guys. But this lets me remember great things of the night. We enjoyed ourselves greatly and we've recently
purchased tickets to Collective Soul and The Cranberries in August. I can't wait.

Review: The Tragically Hip at Corel Centre

Notes from scrapbook:

The Hip.  Cool concert.  Didn’t really care for our seats because no one was moving around.  A rock concert is meant to rock at.  Went with Shawn, Larisa, Scott, Rob, Dana, Randy and Rob.  Danny and his brother were there also but they were on the floor.  By Divine Right opened for them.  They were great.


Grace, Too
Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)
Escape Is at Hand for the Travellin’ Man
Springtime in Vienna
Yawning or Snarling
Something On
Gift Shop
Vapour Trails
Ahead by a Century
Nautical Disaster
Save the Planet
At the Hundredth Meridian

Chagrin Falls
New Orleans Is Sinking

Let’s Stay Engaged
Blow at High Dough