Pearl Jam poster sold

The other day I decided to bring a Pearl Jam poster into work because I’ve been running out of room for posters in my own house.  Why not spread them out into my massive office space?

This is a cool poster from 2010 and the PJ community were having a ball when Ames Bros. released it.  I mean, what’s not to love about this poster?

Anyhow, I brought it into work where a few people were interested about it in general, some people were indifferent and clearly I was in a team of people who weren’t fanatics like myself.  Sidenote: find new friends who love Pearl Jam.

Over the weekend I start thinking about the poster and remember that it was pretty hot on the resellers market.  I checked on Ebay and had a moment of instant regret when I realized that I had left a hot seller of a poster in my open cubicle where thousands of people had access to it!

Luckily, I come in on Monday and it’s still there.  I quickly take it back home and came to decision that if I sell this, it could pay for my trip to Chicago this summer.

Slap it up on Ebay and a week later, it sold for $1,200+.  It was exciting to see the bids climb up over the past week (as any Ebay seller knows).  Sure, I’ve sold video games in the past and have gotten excited when they creep up past $100 but this is a whole other world.  This will help pay for the flooded basement we are in the midst of dealing with.

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