Random photos

Sierra is loving this pillow that Nat made me for my birthday.  I love it too!  I’m not sure why she doesn’t have an Etsy store yet.

The friendly giant.

Sierra at 3 months old.

Mom said Sierra wasn’t ready for the Bumbo chair.  Dad disagreed.  This photo is proof of who was right.

Oncle Claude dropped by for a visit.  Sierra really loved his shirt!


Aunt Mary was giving Sierra some gardening tips.

Danielle was also giving her some gardening tips.  Clearly our garden will be great when Sierra can start gardening herself.

Tante Carole dropped by for a visit, all the way from Hearst!  We all know she was here to see Sierra and not her grandson Felix.

Enjoying the Hip concert.

Uncle Mike teaching Sierra proper rock etiquette.

Sierra dancing to the Hip.

Two single ladies and one taken.



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