Review: Arcade Fire at Scotiabank Place

If the crowd at U2 in Detroit ruined my concert going spirits, Arcade Fire brought them back from the brink!

Etienne, his Dad and I headed down to check out Arcade Fire on their Infinite Content tour.  Disclaimer: Upon the first few listens of their new album Everything Now, I really didn’t care for it.  But like most great albums that I don’t like at first, they creep into your psyche and become one of your favourites.  Man, there are some catchy melodies there!

The show was severely lacking in terms of the size of crowd…we even heard some friends who were up in the 300 level were put down into the 100 level as an upgrade to make the place feel more packed.  They closed off the entire 300 level.  That’s a bummer.  Arcade Fire on the Reflektor tour definitely brought a big crowd but maybe with the lacklustre appeal of the new album, lots of people bailed on seeing them.

Oh well, their loss.  This was Arcade Fire at their best.  They had a 360 degree boxing ring style stage and within that stage the center piece would rotate.  Also, with this particular floor layout, it allowed me to go to any side to check out what I wanted to see.  If I wanted to keep an eye on the lead guitarist, I could.  Am I hearing a wild percussion piece going on?  Let’s go check it out.  I really love these types of stages because the viewer a better view.

Check out this stage setup!

The lighting rigs around the arena were insane and resulted in great effects like this.


Who doesn’t like a disco ball?

Drinks weren’t allowed on the floor and I’m not sure why, unless it was to entice us to dance.  Dance we did!

Not sure why the audio crapped out for this video of Reflektor, but at least it gives you a visual of what was going on.

Win giving the crowd at the back some love.


I quite like how this photo turned out.  It encapsulates a little of everything that was going on that night.

My favourite part of the night was when Etienne said “I think they will come out on the floor.  I’m going to get my camera ready.”  Meanwhile, Win does indeed come out on the floor directly behind Etienne.  So while he is busy filming the stage, he completely misses the fact that he waltzes behind him.  It was neat to see him sing a song within the crowd before tearing it up for the last couple of songs back on stage.

If you have the chance to catch the band on their Infinite Content tour, do it!


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