Review: Bluesfest Day 1 (Zaki Ibrahim, Chvrches, U.S. Girls, Little Steve and the Disciples of Soul, Alt-J)

I live a privileged life in that I can go see live music out on a sweltering day (40 degrees) and enjoy some beers with friends at the same time.

I enjoyed Day 1 of Bluesfest more so because I didn’t have one particular band I wanted to see so I meandered around and stuck around for what I liked.  I like that more than sticking around for a couple of hours for a band I really want to see.

The Egyptian Magician and I out for a good night!

Zaki Ibrahim was pretty good! 

I am really enjoying the fact that Bluesfest has customized caution signs for me this year.

I really enjoyed the show Chvrches put on.  I left to see U.S. Girls at one point but decided to come back to see the end of their set.  I also enjoy a band who puts some stage makeup on.

These two couldn’t stop talking about their love of the Liverpool football team.

Mina and I loved the keyboardist’s shirt from U.S. Girls.  I wasn’t blown away by their performance but they had a dozen people on stage so that’s impressive on it’s own.

Little Steve and the Disciples of Soul knocked it out of the park for me!  This was the show of the night in my opinion.  I didn’t even realize that it’s Steve Van Zandt’s (Springsteen) solo band!  I checked out the beginning of their set and came back for the end of it.  I’m pretty sure they were blown away by the crowd and put on a legitimate encore instead of a planned one.

I came to see Alt-J as per Etienne and Mina’s suggestion.  They were decent and I enjoyed their lighting setup.  I have a feeling they were just a little too mellow for me that night and that’s why I left to find a little more rock.

Ah yes, here’s the more rock.  This was taken right before they decided to do an encore.  Check these guys out if they come to your town!

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