Review: Muse at Centre Bell

Opening band: Walk The Moon

Let’s be honest here…we didn’t know their music other than Shut Up and Dance


Thoughts of the show:

  • Dropped Sierra off with Marie-Claude and hit the road with Eric, Vero, Jean-Francois and THE SEQUEL!
  • It was a rainy, miserable day to travel.  They were calling for freezing rain which did not happen thankfully.
  • How is that Ye Olde Orchard pub doesn’t have a smoked meat sandwich on the menu but has every other sandwich known to man?  Still good times there though.
  • Walk The Moon isn’t our cup of tea but damn they have a catchy song with Shut Up and Dance
  • Let’s call it right now: Muse is amongst the top three live acts currently touring these days.  This show also won the award for greatest Muse show I have ever seen.  I thought the 2nd Law Tour was insane but this was just over the top excess in all its forms and you know what?  I love that about an arena tour.  You want to see that kind of insanity.

You want choreographed dancers/horn players that look like they are from Tron?  You got it.

You want Matt Bellamy with awesome LED shades surrounded by guys spraying smoke?  You got it.  (I took this photo from Reddit)

You want to see two giant robots showing up and you think that the show can’t get any better but they come back out and deliver 15 minutes of metal music all the while having Murphy the inflatable robot in behind them?!

  • Unfortunately for Vero, there was a LOT of robot imagery in the concert.  This is not good for people with a fear of robots.  For me though…it was the greatest sight these eyes have ever seen!
  • I managed to snag a poster and a shirt and managed to remember to pick up my ticket stub on the way out of the Bell Centre.  They have the nice habit of handing them back out to folks instead of ripping them up and throwing them in the trash.
  • Best show of 2019?  Time will tell but I best it is.

Walk The Moon Setlist

Next in Line
Up 2 U
Lisa Baby
Anna Sun
One Foot
Shut Up and Dance
Headphones @Info[Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” outro]

Muse setlist

Algorithm @Info[Alternate Reality version; shortened]
[Drill Sergeant] @Tape
Break It to Me
Uprising @Info[Extended outro]
Plug In Baby
Pray @Tape
The Dark Side
Supermassive Black Hole @Info[‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ intro; The Troggs’ ‘Wild Thing’ outro]
Thought Contagion
Hysteria @Info[AC/DC’s ‘Black in Black’ outro]
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dig Down @Info[Acoustic Gospel Version]
STT Interstitial 1 @Tape
Time Is Running Out
Houston Jam @Info[w/ Futurism, Unnatural Selection, Micro Cuts]
Take a Bow

STT Interstitial 2 @Tape
Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born @Info[The Deftones’ ‘Headup’ outro]
Knights of Cydonia @Info[Ennio Morricone’s ‘Man with a Harmonica’ intro]


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