Review: The Tea Party at Algonquin Commons Theatre

Wow, Stuart looks totally different than his promotional shot for this tour!  He has a beard that must have been growing for a year now!

Opening Band: The Proud Sons (who did a great cover of Don’t Let Me Down)

Thoughts about the show:

  • Met up with Amanda and her friend Bryan
  • I always enjoy the floor area of the Algonquin Commons Theatre.  Always a great spot to take the band in.
  • I have officially saturated my intake of The Tea Party ever since they reformed a few years back.  Considering they were touring on the strength of their new hot single Black River I was hoping for less of a greatest hits show and more of a ‘let’s spice things up and throw some rarities in there’ kind of show.  I didn’t get my wish.  Is it wrong for me to start complaining about the setlists at these shows?  On one hand, they give the people what they want…a great live show with some great tunes.  On the other hand, I feel like I’ve consistently seen the same songs and banter for the past few years.
  • A reminder to not order a beer between the opening act and the main act.  There’s not enough time to drink it and that’s the second time I fell into that trap!
  • There were no tour posters to pick up nor the Jeff Martin EP that I’ve been eyeing up (but has ridiculous shipping costs from Australia).  It’s interesting to see a band 29 years in who are making their bread and butter from touring.  They don’t have the money to print off 10 different t-shirts, backpacks, lighters, etc etc etc.  They are strategically choosing to bring out a few t-shirts for a tour along with some signed merchandise for the uber-fans.
  • The Tea Party still has my love even though I am growing tired of their setlists.  Next year is their 30th anniversary so you know I’ll be going along for the ride once again.
  • Old Man Palmer can’t handle Monday night concerts!



The River / Sober / The River
The Bazaar
Way Way Down (new song)
Zahira/Favorite Son/Halcyon Days (I always find it interesting that he brings out the 18 string beast and only plays the 12 string portion)
Save Me (w/ bow solo) / Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
Heaven Coming Down / With or Without You
The Ocean at the End
Bring It On Home / Black River

The Messenger [Daniel Lanois]
Winter Solstice
Sister Awake / Paint It Black / Heroes / Sister Awake



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