Sierra at eight months

Hey ho!  Let’s go!

Another month has crawled by (ha!  I just caught that pun).  I feel that February has been the month of the deep winter slumber.  Every night when Sierra would go to bed, I didn’t even want to watch much TV.  I just wanted to curl up and read a book.  I am feeling that spring is in the air so I’m coming out of that funk.

But who can really be in a funk when you have Sierra crawling around the house all the time!  It is exciting times for the family and also a little stressful as the 12 month mark approaches and we are looking for daycare.  Sierra is still babbling away and has a good hearty laugh when you fan her face during a diaper change, or when the kiss monster (aka Maman) appears.  She is also starting to pull herself up whenever she can which is the precursor to madness, I’m sure.

Onto the photos!

Sierra sure loves her mom’s dog slipper.  Actually, she is quite intrigued in dogs.  We were over at Rob and Jan’s place the other day and she couldn’t really figure out what the heck the dog was.

Sometimes I only see these photos as I am posting them and have to come up with the story behind them.  This photo was taken before an epic snowball fight started between mother and daughter.  This was Vero’s starting shot.

Then Sierra retaliated.  Good shot!

No love lost after a snowball fight.

Two teeth!

Wow, I have no idea where this photo was taken!  This looks like a suspect high school locker room.  Sierra has some wild adventures during the day!  Actually, this is probably the locker room at the swimming pool.  Sierra supposedly quite enjoyed it!

Start them young.

I can’t actually tell if she likes this goop or not.

We went out to the Vars carnival which very cool.  There was a great spaghetti supper at the school and then we trekked over to the park for a bonfire and FREE beavertails!  Unheard of!  What a great community we live in.  There were a lot of kids running around having a good time.  It wasn’t too cold out either so we managed to stay for an hour before Sierra had to go home and be fed.

Baby strollers and bonfires.

Check out this Beavertail on a STICK!  This was a great idea.

Here is her favourite spot in the house under the coffee table.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vero begged me for a new background on her cellphone.  I put this on it.  Damn.  I look good.

Max dropped by with an 1/8 of a cow we had purchased.  Thanks dude!  Sierra and him played along quite well.  Too bad I don’t have a good photo of the two of them.  Maybe Mike does?

Model fathers.

I love how I just noticed that Sierra is pushing the doll around the house!  Driving Miss Daisy!

We figured we had another 15 years until she started driving.

Sierra got her very own transmogrifier!!!

Oh, Calvin and Hobbes, how I love thee.


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