Sierra at nine months

Sierra is now entering her tenth month of existence on this fair planet so it’s time to recap her ninth month.

Nanny Ruth spied a few teeth from this photo.  She clearly has great eyesight!

Crawling: She is a motoring machine, crawling around as fast as her limbs can take her.

Having fun with the camera.

Standing: She is definitely holding herself up whenever she can…whether it’s on a pant leg, or on the dishwasher (why does our kid love the dishwasher so much?), or the coffee table…if she can prop herself up, she will do so!  She’s great at walking around with some help from an object to lean on.  However, when it comes to actually walking around, she is kind of lazy.  Some days she will take my hands and go for a spin, but most days she just collapses with those eyes that says “Yeah no Dad.  Walking is too tough.”  She has managed to stand on her own for a few seconds so far, but it’s definitely not a trend yet!

I’ve created a monster.  Sierra got upset the one time I DIDN’T carry her while vacuuming.  Vacuuming while carrying a 20 pound kid is not easy work!

Bathtime: Does your kid love bathtime as much as ours?  As soon as the water is running, she could be playing down the street and still hear that sound and come motoring down the hallway on all fours!  I love bathtime because she is just SO EXCITED!  I mean, she comes crawling in, then she realizes what’s going on and stands up next to the bathtub screaming “GAH GAH MA MA BLAH BLAH!!!” which loosely translates to “LET ME IN!!!”.  I take her clothes off and throw her into the water and she is in her natural habitat.  Over the past month she tends to not play with her rubber ducky as much as she likes splashing around and touching the bath walls.  Vero and I try and share bathtime together but more and more we are realizing that we just get a little more accomplished if we split that chore.  Plus, she is at an age where she doesn’t really fall into the tub anymore so it’s a lot easier to manage with just one of us.  Note: this does not mean that I’m just surfing the internet not keeping my eye on her!  Eagle Eye Palmer is on the job!

Definitely her father’s daughter!!

Laughing: OH MY GOD IS THERE A BETTER SOUND THAN A BABY LAUGHING?  Right now, she can laugh on command if you fake a sneeze.  Ah-ah-ahchoooo!”  She literally dies with laughter every time she hears that sound. I hope this lasts forever.  Everyone always wonders what their baby will constantly laugh at.  I just assumed it would be my face.  Luckily, it’s the sound of someone sneezing.

Getting ready to go outside.

Daycare: While I would love to clone my parents and somehow convince them to provide full-time daycare to my kids, I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon so the search for daycare is on.  Daycare is an enigma to me….too much demand, not enough supply, which results in a lot of places saying “Well, we won’t bother taking a kid unless they are 18 months old.”  We all know what that means….your kid probably will be able to walk and talk and poop on their own by then.  That’s the market place right now…it’s a hard gig finding daycare.  Anyhow, as it stands, Vero has been doing a crazy awesome job researching and phoning and meeting daycare providers and we think we found one for the time being.  I guess the end of May is coming sooner than we think and she will be put in the care of some stranger.  That is an incredibly hard concept to wrap my head around, however, I suppose the public school system is like that as well.


Teething: Teething must be the worst feeling in the world.  Imagine yourself growing some teeth right now…  You would want some toy to gnaw on to get those teeth out of those gums!  This is a common sight around our house these days.

Sierra sharing her toys with Maelle and Jonas

Tante Andréanne dropped in for a quick visit before heading to the ski hill.

Max and Sierra are pretty close to tearing up and down the driveway on their cars.

I’m assuming this will be the photo we show at their wedding.  I love how Sierra was basically offering up kisses to grab his phone.

Here’s a photo from my walk at lunchtime.  Look at all that ice!

Sierra is starting early training for the Vanier wrestling league!  Check out that eye gouge!

She is pretty steady on her cars so far but she can’t figure out how to move forward yet.

Sierra and everyone else in the world cannot wait for Spring to arrive!

My lovely wife.

My lovely wife.

Just like that, she’s 10 months old!


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