Sierra at Seven Months

Sierra will hit the eight month mark in a few days so it’s a good time to reflect on how she has changed in the past month.

The most important things that have happened in the past month are something called two bottom teeth and the ability to crawl!

In fact, on January 23rd, Sierra managed to finally figure it out.  I would say it was about three weeks of tough mapping of new neural pathways in order to get to this point.  At the beginning of the month, she was pretty good at sitting up herself and scooting around in reverse.  But moving forward was an enigma.  I always assumed it was because the floor was too slippery with her PJs so I bought some foam pads.  Then I took her PJs off to see if she would get more of a grip on her knees.  Nothing was a knock out of the park, but it was close.  You could see her figure it out.

Then Vero said that as soon as I walked in the door, she was crawling!  It was quite amazing to see her figure it out.  I don’t even think she knows what’s going on with this newfound mobility.  She has taken a small step into a larger world.

Anyhow, onto the pictures because we all know that’s what you are here for.

On New Year’s Day, we headed over to Melissa and Jeff’s to show off Sierra.  That’s not true, we went to see Felix!

Sierra started crying when she first saw Jeff which was very abnormal for her.  I think it’s the glasses.  But she got over it pretty quickly.

Clearly Sierra loves Tante Carole and Oncle Michel!

Sierra loves playing with the strings on my sweatshirts.  She has a tendency of yanking them out completely when I’m not paying attention!

Sierra likes reading and when I say reading, I mean eating the books.

She hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like.

Happy Birthday Danielle!  Here is Sierra in the jolly jumper after we moved it outside the pantry.  She loves it!

We tried out the Instant Pot for the first time to make some pulled pork.  I would say that other than the sauce not being thick enough, it was a great success!  Too bad I bought pork shoulder the week after for when we had guests over.  It was hell to pull it apart and it was quite fatty.  Stick with the pork roast.

Sierra’s first taste of an apple.

Sierra had a friend over for some play time.  She is a girl who lives a few doors down.  Imagine if this will be the first picture of lifelong friends (or enemies, dunn dunn dunnnnnnn).

I came home and Sierra yanked the hat off my head!

Sierra trying to figure out crawling. 

My friend Etienne trying to hide in the woods on a beautiful day in Ottawa.  It’s great to walk down near the Ottawa river at lunch.

We tried out my new snowshoes on a beautiful day of -5 degrees.  We checked out the Vars cemetery trail and surprisingly ran into another couple out there.  That’s a first!

Winter is fun!

Maelle dropped by to see Sierra and when I say see Sierra, I really mean she wanted to play Barbies with me downstairs.

Uh oh.  This was how Vero found Sierra after a nap.  Time to lower that mattress in the crib if she can sit herself up!

Vero and Sierra went to the movie theater one day for the ‘Stars and Strollers’ day.  Vero told me that the cinema has change tables and stuff set up for parents with babies to go watch a movie together.  They had a great time and Sierra was blown away by the large screen!

We started preparing for the renovation on the basement bathroom.  We are hoping to eventually have a new shower, new wainscotting, new ceiling, new paint and hopefully a natural gas connection for a dryer.  We’ll see if we can get all that done while my parents visit in March.

Vero always knows how to get Sierra laughing.

Abigail taught Sierra this trick over the Christmas break!



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