Sierra’s 15th Month

The month of August has flown by and that is probably because of thinking of the deck rebuilding project.  However, Sierra has been tons of fun as she walk around quite well these days.  Here are some things Sierra has been doing in the past month:

  • She now goes to the fridge or her high chair if she is hungry
  • She babbles with the words “ma ma ma ma MA!’ quite a bit.  Some other words make an appearance once in awhile but that is the major word that she uses for everything.  I’m not sure how close she is to coming up with a new word
  • I am pretty sure we have given birth to the Incredible Hulk.  She takes pride in finding the heaviest toy in the toy box and carrying it around.  Actually, she just carries the entire box around, that’s how strong she is!
  • She is enjoying daycare quite a lot.  The boys at daycare seem to like her as well.  I picked her up one day and they all gave her hugs and kisses when she left the building.
  • While she doesn’t particularly like sitting down and reading books (she doesn’t stay still all that long in general), she does enjoy ten minutes of cuddling in the morning after her bottle.  I think she is just still half-comatose from waking up!

Enjoying a pickerel dinner!  Thanks Dad!

Rob’s birthday had the most candles I have ever seen on a cake.

Sierra loves going up and down stairs these days, including the ones at the playground.

She also loves the slide!

In the middle of our week off, Sierra came down with some kind of stomach bug on my birthday.  Vero caught it as well that night!  What a horrible night for us all.  I don’t think Sierra went down until 4am!  I managed to catch the bug 24 hours later which was a miracle in a way so at least one of us was functioning!

She definitely was in better spirits the next day as she brought out the birthday balloon!

Hanging out

Ont brosse les dents

Sierra sure loves going around in her car.  This is a daily ride.

I can’t recall why Vero was so excited!

Sierra decided we should stop at Harvey’s for lunch.  She didn’t have any, but she enjoyed the change of scenery.

She also enjoyed the visit to Sears Home Store.  Plenty of room to run around


Training her young!

We all had a fantastic time at Jon and Chantal’s corn roast.  While it poured rain for most of the afternoon, the rain let up for a few hours when we arrived.  They were well prepared for the event with a tent and a portapotty on the premises!

The hood isn’t just used to cover your head!

Chantal dropped off a tricycle she found on the side of the road.  Either Sierra found a better way to ride this thing, or she still has a few months to learn.

Sierra Potter in the house!  Unfortunately she had an encounter with the vanity in the bathroom.

Sierra is quite the fan of corn…she doesn’t even wait for it to boil!

A rainbow

A dragon (?)

A ketchup explosion

She sure loves the swing in the backyard!  This is quite the shady spot.

Looked who dropped by for a quick visit!  Sierra was happy to see her Aunt and Uncle from Hearst.  Guillaume managed to give us some good tips on building a deck.

Sierra hilariously blows bubbles all the time.  I was showing her in the selfie mode what she looks like.

Sue told us that she used to carry Shawn around like this while mowing the lawn.  Sierra seems to like it!

JF and Marie-Claude had a bunch of us over for a bbq.  It was truly my favourite day of this summer.  I even got to fly a kite!  Please note that the kite in this photo was quite ridiculous.  It never got airborne.  It was some weird parasail practice kite.  I switched over to the classic kids kite that looked like a dragon and had fun with that.

Waiting for a miracle to happen

Still waiting for a miracle to happen

Vero managed to get it up!

Hanging out with Victor

Sierra trying to negotiate a sip of apple juice from Jonas

Jon pretty sad to see that he didn’t get to eat any of this great food in front of Sierra

Fun at the kids table

Clearly I need a better phone/camera.  At least it captured the fun moment.

This is an adult sized Adirondack chair.  Sierra grew a lot in the past month!

Having fun in the grass

Having fun with Mom

Some wild hair made an appearance on the ride home!

Chef Boyardee made an appearance at home

I love how Sierra loves how to dance.  However, her use of the tea towels makes me believe that she wants to become a cheerleader.

BAM.  Fifteen months over!

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