Sierra’s 17th Month

We’re still all alive and well which is all we can ask for!  The month of October has been quite productive with the deck.  As of October 28th, we pretty well just need to put the deck boards on, some stairs and some guard rails.  Mom and Dad are coming for a visit this coming week so I’m hoping to get the upper and hot tub deck done along with some stairs and hopefully some rails so we can go to and from the hot tub this winter.  I haven’t even bothered looking into fixing the hot tub lift mechanism yet…that’s another project to do before the snow hits!

While Northern Ontario got walloped with some snow this past week, it’s been pretty nice here overall other than today where it’s pouring rain and expecting to have 100mm+!  That’s a little crazy.

Sierra has been doing great in the past month.  She still enjoys daycare and now has a partner in crime there to fend against the boys.  However, I think these two girls are having way too much fun as there was not one, but TWO days in the past week where they were having fun with the toilet water!

She did have a dripping nose for most of the month though.  I don’t think I’ve ever carried that much kleenex in my pockets in my life!  I was thinking of just strapping down some kleenex directly onto her face at one point.  I feel bad for the daycare provider who has to put up with that all day long.  She managed to get rid of one cold within a few weeks but then caught another a few days later!

As of yesterday, we started trying soy milk on her to see if she would have allergies to soy like she did months ago.  It’s a day later and we haven’t seen any major signs of distress but we will keep our eye on it.

The greatest Star Wars moment happened to us the other morning.  We were getting ready and I kept hearing some Wookiee roars.  It turns out that Sierra has found her book of ‘How to speak Wookiee’ and was loving the thing, even to the point where she insisted she bring it along for the car ride to daycare.  It was a proud moment for us.  Well, really me.  We all knew that.

With a kid and a deck to build in my life, I decided to skip a few steps in the beer making process and pick up a Festa Brew kit of Oktoberfest lager.  It was also my first attempt at making a lager so I hope it works out well!  I’m a little concerned that I opened up the primary fermenter and saw some green stuff growing on top but the geniuses on the internet say that this may not mean the batch is infected.  I transferred to the secondary fermentor and will let sit another six weeks and I hope it comes out fine!  If it does, I’ll probably buy these more often if I don’t have enough time to make a batch from scratch.

Speaking of beers, I tried out this excellent one that Trish brought back for me from PEI.  Two thumbs up!


No lie, I found this in a boardroom.

Danielle and Gaetan came up at Thanksgiving to give us a hand.  Here’s Gaetan’s helper.

We get a nice piece of artwork every week from the daycare.

Sierra loves when we pretend the bee is buzzing around and gets stuck behind the curtain and then comes out swarm her.  She laughs every time.

Sierra telling us about her day.

We ran out of red wine in the house so it called for desperate measures.  SURPRISINGLY this wine tasted great!

Enjoying the autumn weather

Our two saviours

I was trying out the depth effect on the iPhone.  Pretty cool!

Trying out the slo-motion effect on the iPhone

That’s one happy kid!

I love how Sierra carries everything around

Swing time with Mom

Sierra sure loves her yogurt.

Gaetan and I have this uncanny ability to have each game come within 10 points of each other.  We can’t get over how close our games end up being.

Sierra getting an early Halloween treat from Grand-Maman et Grand-Papa

Another successful Thanksgiving meal

Sierra must have told a really good joke!

Benoit, Etienne, his Dad and I went to see Roger Waters.  Best Roger Waters show I’ve seen!  It doesn’t hurt that I love their new album, but they had a really cool stage show that also looked great from our seats up in the 300 Level.

How cool is this screen?

Hanging out at the Vars spaghetti supper.  Sierra was having the time of her life running around.

Andreane dropped in for a quick visit and that was the day that Sierra figured out how to touch a person’s nose!  We spent a month trying to get her to do that.

Sierra loves splashing around.

Ms. Buckethead

Sierra was nice enough to get me an early Christmas gift!

While Mom was shopping for a few things, Sierra was trying to play hide and seek with me at Wal-Mart.

It was a great pleasure to have Nanny and Beth drop by for lunch on Saturday.  It’s not often Nanny gets around Ottawa!  Sierra took a few minutes to warm up, but then she realized Nanny was full of fun.

Sierra showing Nanny how much fun yogurt can be.

This little piggy

Surprising that we all looked towards the camera at the same time!

It’s the great pumpkin, Sierra!

She’s getting the hang of raking.

Etienne and I take a walk at work every day around the bridges between Hull and Ottawa.  It amazes me that we can still find things we never knew about.  This must have been something to transport wood down from Chaudiere Falls to the mill (which now is home to Mill Street Pub).  It was pretty amazing to see that this thing is still sitting there after hundreds of years.

Take advantage of the time outside kid because winter is coming!





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