Sierra’s 23rd Month

Sierra is starting to formulate words quite a bit more these days.  ‘Pas’ is either ‘je ne veux pas ca’ or ‘pas maintenant’ from what we can tell.  She is starting to call me ‘Da’ instead of ‘Maman’ which is quite the improvement.  She also has a hilarious delayed reaction of saying bye-bye.  She will literally wait until someone leaves the room until she waves and says it.  She also likes to say bye-bye to dogs walking by the house.

Other key words:

Mo = More (usually about food)

Eau = water

Nana = soother

doodoo = choo choo = train (every time she hears it go by Vars)

auto = car


Sierra loves it when I push her REALLY hard on the swing.

She also loves going on the swing with Maman.  As you can see, it’s finally some warmer temperatures around here so Sierra can hang out in her spring gear.

We were running around Costco one morning and ran out of time to get some food in us so we pick up some McDonald’s.  A first for Sierra!  We weren’t sure how she would like it.  She loved the fries and didn’t figure out how to eat the burger at first.  Her first bite is captured in this photo but then she picked it apart and at the bun first and a bit of the meat.

First fry!

Head start on getting the snow off the ground.

Unfortunately Cousin Troy ended up in the hospital from a heart attack.  Fortunately Sierra decided to send him a Get Well Soon card.

While packing up things in the basement I stumbled upon a Patterson Family Reunion cookbook.  Look at the photo!  Clearly Sierra gets this move from her father!

Anyone recognize what could be happening to Sierra’s feet here?  She has these rough red patches of skin primarily on her feet for the past few months.  We will ask the doctor but maybe someone out there knows what’s going on.  We’ve tried applying different creams on them before bedtime but nothing seems to fix the issue.  Allergic reaction somehow?

Hey, while we’re at it with the flooded basement, why don’t we try and deal with a hot water tank that starts dumping out two cups of water from the pressure relief valve every time we use the hot water?  As soon as we stop using the water, the pressure goes from 50PSI to 150PSI and releases water on the floor.  We’ve had three different people come to take a look and they can’t figure it out.  At the time of typing this, we’re going to get a new combination boiler/HWT to replace it all.  A shame that we can’t figure out the issue!  Ah well…everyone has $6,000 to spend on new toys, right?

Rolling, rolling, rolling out the play dough.

Giggle time!

What a fantastic t-shirt idea!

I quite loved this tribute to Jonathan Pitre and the Humboldt Broncos

We have been introducing good dental hygiene tips to Sierra over the past few months.  After the bath, she sits on the counter, gets her toothbrush handed to her and she can manage to put the cap back on the toothpaste (that was a major victory when I saw she did that!).  Generally she likes running the water and sucking the water.  There isn’t a whole lot of brushing going on.  I do brush my teeth at the same time so she can see what the actions are like.  Maybe she’s making my dental hygiene better since I haven’t brushed my teeth twice in a day since I was a kid!

My friend Alex went to Cuba so Etienne and I sent a photo of us with his fiancé to hang in their bedroom at all times.  It made the rounds around the resort.

There’s always a good time to be had at St-Albert Cheese Factory for some lunch!  Here is Maman and Sierra enjoying some poutine.

Last year we got to see I Mother Earth with Edwin back on vocals open up for Our Lady Peace.  We were blown away.  So when they decided to team up with Finger Eleven for a tour this spring, we pounced on it!  Martin, Eric and I headed out to the Algonquin College campus for a night out.  We also got the VIP package for another $20 which gave us an acoustic pre-show with all members of the bands.  I was hoping to hear some acoustic Finger Eleven/I Mother Earth tunes but they gave us some covers songs like Horse with No Name.  They also answered some questions that were sent into the radio station beforehand.  Well worth the $20!  Finger Eleven still put on a great show and I Mother Earth were fantastic as always.  They even played Summertime in the Void which wasn’t expected since it’s in the “Edwin isn’t the singer of this band any longer” era.  I would go back and see either of these bands in a heartbeat.  They still got it!

A valiant attempt at putting a t-shirt on.  Sierra hilariously wants to try everything on her own and gets REALLY UPSET if we try and help at the beginning.  But as soon as she realizes she can’t do it, she just passes it back to us.

Hanging out on the slides.

If you ignore Vero in this video, Sierra is quite amazing on this gym.

Sierra found some new shoes.

Practicing some tunes for Melanie and Jonathan’s wedding in July.  We have a hilarious track record of one of four band members forgetting/not being informed of band practice.  3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

Vero’s grandfather unfortunately passed away so we headed up to Hearst to visit the family and pay our respects.  Sierra was a true road warrior as she was fine for the entire twelve hours!  She only napped 45 minutes.  I think she was in love with all the trucks, trees and general highway activity along the way.  Here she is eyeing up the treats in Deep River.

Checking out the transport trucks in Cochrane.

Chillin’ with Maman.

Sierra was beginning to laugh at pretty much anything at Hour 11 of our 12 hour trip.

The next morning Sierra awoke and Aunt Maureen and Abbey gave her an early birthday gift.  I wish we had a photo from the other angle but I’m glad we can still see reaction from the side.  

It’s always a battle between Abbey and I.

Strolling with Sierra

Watch out for Grand-Maman!

Hanging with Hugo

Enjoying the sun with friends.  This reminds me, I need to get a lawn chair for Sierra!

While Sierra loves dogs from afar, I think Buddy and Rolo were a little too big for her comfort. Although after three days around them I feel she was getting used to them.  I mean, they are the equivalent size of a horse coming to lick me on the face.  I would be scared as well!

Checking out the stoneman!

Kicking the ball with Great-Grand Maman

Beautiful day to be outside!  

After we left Hearst we came back to Kapuskasing for a day in the sun.

Getting some Aunt time in

Kids playing together always ends up with someone crying

Abbey introduced Sierra to this swing set in Mr. Boudreau’s back yard.  Sierra was loving this thing!  I was holding onto her all along but I noticed Vero left her on it alone with Abbey later in the day.  I guess Sierra can handle herself on those things.

Look at the force they are putting into that thing!

Abbey makes a great pillow.

We stopped by Big Joe Mufferaw on the way back.  We passed by a wildfire that even caught a barn.  We’re pretty sure they closed down the highway 30 seconds after we passed the fire.

I’ve always thought Mattawa would be a nice place to retire.



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