Sierra’s 31st Month

WordPress just introduced some new method of creating posts using ‘blocks’.  Years ago, I would have been excited to be on the cutting edge of technology.  Now, I just don’t have time to mess around with this stuff!  It wouldn’t let me insert photos from Google which is basically my bread and butter.  After ten minutes, I said “Screw this!” and noticed they were allowing old folks to use the classic editor until the year 2021 when the robot overlords will be writing these posts for me.

There was a silent auction at work and may or may not have snuck into my colleague’s locker and put up his coat for auction.  Hey, we even threw in a Wunderbar!  He was such a nice guy about the whole thing…he only had to pay $33 to get it back!

For historical reference, this is the schedule that Sierra will be following at daycare.  If only I was that organized!

Sierra seemed to be enjoying the first few days of daycare.  I don’t know the legalities of taking photos within a daycare AND posting them on the internet…I guess I will only show the pictures that don’t have any identifiable kids in them.

Maman and Sierra were due for a haircut.  This was a big deal for Sierra because it was her first haircut ever!  

Firstchoice Haircuts in Embrun know what’s going on…look at the apron and the toys they gave Sierra to keep her mind off of things!  Granted, we all knew that it wouldn’t probably be an issue.  Remember, this is the girl who watched the flu shot needle enter her arm!

“A little off the top please.”

After her haircut we played on this carousel while we waited for Maman.  I haven’t told Sierra that if you insert money the things moves.  In fact, a few minutes later we noticed that another (better than us) parent was going to put some money in for their daughter so we rushed Sierra out of the mall!  She’ll figure this out one day, but today’s not the day!  

Vero cracks up every time while watching this video.

For some reason I can’t hear the audio on these videos so I’m going to assume by the amount of rocking out that Sierra is doing, she’s listening to some Metallica!

I come out of the washroom and a solo snake appeared in our living room!!

Someone got a Christmas card from Great Nanny!

On our way to our team Christmas party, we realized that our boss’s new condo in Westboro probably needed a little Christmas cheer.  Luckily the LCBO was right next to a grocery store with Christmas trees available!

Now, I have to say the worst part about this entire prank is that I accidentally hit STOP on the recording of the epic video we made.  So all we can do is recount the tale of how we trucked this tree into this posh condo lobby in Westboro and there’s some dude giving us the devil stare while we waited for the elevator.  We also headed to the second floor, started to get the tree ready and realized we were on the wrong floor.  To the people on the second floor with a couple of inches of pine needles in front of your door…Merry Christmas?

We did manage to prop the tree up against Mina’s door so when he opened it, it fell right on top of him!  Hilarity ensued and we even managed to hang up a few lights on the tree.

However, a few things went a bit wrong with this plan.  1) We forgot he was heading to Alexandria in a week’s time.  2) We didn’t realize the condo board had strict rules that forbade Christmas trees in the building. 3) Even if Mina would have this tree over the holidays, it would have been dead in a few days as he didn’t know you had to water the thing.

Good has come from this story though…our Director managed to give the tree to her neighbours and we received a lovely photo of their two girls decorating the tree for Christmas!

I have the rare privilege of working on a team that I enjoy just as much outside of work as I do at work!

Santa’s elf getting ready a few weeks early.  We got a bonus year out of this outfit!

Someone’s anxious to go sledding.

The annual Christmas party started with some fun with watching the Grinch.

Fredo clearly was having a great time at the party.

The gingerbread challenge was won by the women, but we definitely gave bonus points to the guys who didn’t do anything on the left roof and said “You told us to make it exactly like the photo!  You don’t see the left side of the roof in the photo!”

In lieu of the neighbours coming over for the first time, we decided to bring back turkey bowling this year.  The conditions were good as there was a few snowfalls in the weeks prior.  


No surprise, but the guys won the trivia cup yet again.

Quite the turnout this year and this wasn’t even everyone!  Each year is definitely a gamble on how many people will actually show up.  Good times were had by all and the morning after wasn’t entirely harsh on the noggin.

We love our community and we love the Christmas celebration where Santa pays us a visit each year.  I didn’t appreciate it being the day after our Christmas party!

Santa and Sierra!

The aftermath.  

Sierra disappeared from the daycare one day but they gave us a consolation reindeer.

The past few years I’ve brought some excellent gifts to the gift exchange…first it was a St-Hubert meal…next was a bucket of KFC.  But I couldn’t figure out how to top the bucket of KFC.  Etienne came up with the killer idea to bring in a live lobster!  It was genius!  Aquarium and everything!  But at the last minute we both realized it may offend some people if we brought a live animal as a gift so we opted for the already boiled version of the animal!  The woman who received it was super happy!  The rest of the people in the bar smelling a lobster…not too impressed!  Ha ha!  Totally worth it.

Max’s third birthday was super-hero goodness!

Bruce showing the kids how to fish.

My secret identity finally revealed.  Why didn’t I remember to put the mask back on?!’

Check out the killer cake that Mel made!  I love how the hulk smashes through the wall.

When Mom is asleep in the morning, there’s really only one thing we can do…build towers the height of ourselves!

Vero has been taking fiddle lessons and her teacher said that she was heading out on tour with Natalie MacMaster during the Christmas season.  I convinced Vero that she should go see a Canadian legend at work on the fiddle and so she went and managed to get only the greatest seats in the house!  I mean…look at this photo!  

Full disclosure…the previous daycare was a pretty simple thing to handle…drop kid off, wish for the best, pick kid up.  Those days are long gone!  We are now in full parent mode with a calendar of events and activities to follow!  This photo was taken the morning of ‘Christmas sweater’ day at the daycare.  While I’m not going to get too upset if we miss a few events here and there, if I have something easily available in the house, I don’t mind putting it on Sierra to parade around in.


Behold, Mom’s famous sausage dip!  The only issue with this dip is that everyone keeps the casserole dishes at their house afterwards and then I don’t have one to make my own dip!

Party time at Tyler and Amy’s house!

I love Mel’s face in this photo.

I had Tyler pose for this shot for about 3 minutes.

I think Home Alone was blowing these kid’s minds.  Too soon?

My favourite part about introducing Sierra to new things is the fight she gets into…and then she falls in love with something.  This was her first time watching A Mickey’s Christmas Carol and it was her go-to show for the remainder of the Christmas season.

Sierra helping make the tortieres.

It’s always nice to get some family dropping by over the Christmas season…especially those who bring some cinnamon rolls to eat on Christmas morning!  Mmm boy, Grandmaman Joncas hit it out the park!

They also brought some cookies from Grandmaman Danielle!  Here’s Sierra sneaking one from the box.

We’ve finally mastered the Facetime tea party.

On Christmas Eve I brought Sierra into work.  First stop…Le Pierrot restaurant where Chadi had these gigantic cookies on hand for the kids!  Mike and Max were in the area so we all met up for a bite to eat before the hard work day.

Sierra wasting some scotch tape.  Funny story about this particular roll of tape…I had the same roll of tape for the past fifteen years and I finally ran out of it the week before!  I stared at it and thought “Well…how do I get a new one?  This is a first!”

Sierra wanted some milk and there was a genius in the room who gave her the 2% milk shots that come with the Tim Horton’s.  I’m pretty sure Sierra had 17 shots.  It was quite hilarious.

Sierra was lucky enough to have friends who took up and down the escalator.  What a treat!

Like I said…hard day at work!

After we headed home for a much deserved nap, we headed over to the Hart House for some great food on Christmas Eve.  Here’s Ellie and Sierra eyeing up the food.

I’m not entirely sure if Olive knows she has a new best friend.

The band was in full force on Christmas Eve!!!  I’m telling you…I’m definitely eyeing up a side business of being a child’s entertainer.  I just don’t have time considering I’m also a parent!

This animation captures the awesome time which was Christmas Eve.  It was my first time playing a bunch of Christmas tunes.  It worked out pretty well!

Thanks to the Hart’s for the lovely evening!  Merry Christmas!

Before heading home we dropped into Rob and Janice’s place as Rob’s parents were in town and hadn’t met Sierra yet.  We opened a few gifts and had a few drinks and realized that 9PM was a few hours past Sierra’s bed time and it was definitely time to go!  Santa doesn’t wait for anyone!

Christmas morning.  Funny enough, the tree looked pretty much the same for the rest of the week as Sierra was perfectly content to just open and play with one gift that day!  Honestly, why not?  If you have the rest of the week to open gifts, you may as well prolong it!

Sierra definitely grasps a few concepts of Christmas at this point.  I’m assuming next year will begin the full-blown understanding of everything.

Here we are Facetiming with Charlie.

Socks from Nanny is always a treat!

Bracelets from Grandmaman and Grandpapa are the best!

My feet are instantly 150% warmer thanks to Nanny.

Vero picked me up this very cool instrument – a stick dulcimer – made by a guy in the area.  I had seen one at the Cumberland Market in the fall and she tracked him down afterwards.  It’s a pretty neat instrument and I really like the Celtic feel to it.

You know, I thought Sierra was pointing out the wooden ornament she received but that her Maman’s ornament hanging in the tree.  I guess she’s just excited that it’s Christmas?

We were fortunate enough to be invited to Christmas supper at Lynn and Sue’s house in Perth.  They have a fantastic tradition where we all get a paper with 20+ Christmas carols printed on them and each person has to choose one, sing the first line themselves and then everyone else joins in.  While there were a few people who groaned about it, I think everyone secretly loves it.  Thank you very much for the invite and the leftovers!!

Not many Christmas tunes came out late this night but there were still enough crowd pleasers.  I recorded this set so I hope it turned out alright!  Even Ryleigh the dog was singing along as usual!

Sierra showing off her new puzzle the morning after.

Yet another dog who doesn’t realize they have a new best friend!

Who am I kidding..Ryleigh definitely realizes he has a new friend for life!

Did we lose Sierra and gain an alien?

This baby is quite entertaining to Sierra and quite terrifying to her parents when they forget to switch it off and they walk past it.

There’s been some heavy action on this cash register for the past week here at Christmas.  She is always asking us to come play ‘Nyum nyum’ and she processes our food items through the cash register.

A great holiday had by all!  Merry Christmas!



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