Sierra’s 34th Month

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“Dora et Booo, Dora et Boo!” – Sierra…every single night.

I didn’t think I would watch a show as much as I have watched Dora the Explorer in the past month.  That’s Sierra’s go to show after her bath these days.  Months ago it was Angela’s Christmas, now it’s the adventures of Dora and her trusty sidekick Boots.

Life is good!  Spring is in the air, Sierra is discovering the joy of puddles.  Daycare called Vero yesterday to inform us that Sierra proceeded to jump into a giant puddle and essentially every piece of clothing of hers was soaked.  Not the worst call to get from a daycare!

Sierra typically gets up in the morning and we make her some oatmeal.  I was trying to pawn some of the regular oatmeal onto her that I accidentally bought a few years ago but she’s wise and won’t eat that stuff.  Luckily, I have some brown sugar on the side that I scoop in.

She is really enjoying daycare and we are hoping they enjoy her.  When she gets home we ask her questions like “Who are your friends at daycare?” or “Did you play outside today?”.  She hasn’t quite mastered answering “What did you do today?” as there’s clearly a lot to talk about!

Learning to count is interesting so far.  We are using an abacus as well as her fingers.  But I don’t think she’s getting the concept that one finger doesn’t always have to be the number one.  It can be any of your one fingers.  That’s a hard concept to grasp I suppose!

Sierra is really fond of coming home and playing outside for a bit.  Right now she is always looking for her bubbles.  Some days its frozen solid so Vero has to fill it with hot water and she sits on the front porch and blows bubbles until supper is ready.  It’s neat that we let her do her own thing and peek out the window every minute to ensure she hasn’t run off somewhere.  Freedom is close at hand with this child!  We will soon feel the shackles of THE SEQUEL soon enough!

Bath time and going to the potty are still a hassle with Sierra.  Even though she loves the bath when she gets in, it’s World War III getting her in there.  We’re also not entirely sure how to tackle the potty issue.  She doesn’t really seem to be bothered if she goes in her pants all the time.  On the plus side, we don’t have a fussy kid?

Sierra likes to sing a lot and she has recently picked up the ukelele and strums along.  It will be good to have a singing partner with me!


Sierra loves helping bring in the recycling bins.

Clearly Sierra is more interested in Yoda instead of Dad’s killer dance moves.

Sierrasaurus playing cards with Dad.  The goal of our game is to get rid of your cards the fastest.  Our game involves having five cards and one player puts down a card and the other person has to match the colour of the card.  If they cannot, they have to pick up cards from the deck until they can find a colour match.

I’ve been using Google Photoscan to go through Vero’s old pictures.  First off, I have to say that the app is quite fantastic after a year of upgrades.  Secondly, I am enjoying finding gems like this one!  I have been putting these photos into Google Photos which basically is a chronicle of our lives.  I was wondering if it’s better to open a ‘family’ email that all family members (Aunts, cousins, etc.) could have access to and put their photos up.  Might be an interesting move.

The loneliest spot at the rink is at the sidelines.  It was soon after this that we brought Sierra skating.

It was a beautiful, mild day when we brought Sierra for her first skate.  There were a few people out on the ice rink playing hockey so we appreciated at there was a side rink for us to have for ourselves.

She was definitely taking after her father.

I think she was getting the hang of it.  Hey, what do I know?  I have no idea how to skate.

I don’t know what they were watching on television but clearly it was too scary for Fredo.

Vero and I finally got our last will and testaments done up.  What’s more important about this story is that there was a chocolate shop across the street so we picked up this treat.

Etienne and I recruited a few new bodies for our daily walk along the river.  It’s getting quite nice down there, but a little tricky to navigate as there is a couple of feet of snow and some soft spots.

Sierra and Jon having fun at Victor’s second birthday party.

We snuck in a roll of bubble wrap into his gift!  Everyone (other than the birthday boy) had a great time!

A few weeks later I’m typing this up and thinking I already miss that long goatee and hair.  SOMEONE insisted I get a trim!

The man of the hour, enjoying a gift in the form of a ring.

I honestly have no idea what Sierra is trying to show us in this photo of her and Tante Vero.

These are the two gentlemen responsible for my hangover the following morning after a night out watching Royal Canoe and Dana out at the Highlander Pub.

It’s super exciting times when we get to see the train!

After nine years of living here, we decided to see how life was under the trees in our front yard.  It definitely sheltered us from the wind that day!

One of the last gasps of winter.  It’s been a long but fun one.

The days are getting warmer as evident by no mittens on Sierra’s hands.

Mom and Dad came back from their trip down south to find this in their front yard in the middle of March!  I remember as a kid having snow hills like this.  I could have a faulty memory though.

Sierra insisted we find her a pair of sunglasses.

We’re pretty proud that she puts a pair of earmuffs on before the drums!

I can only imagine we were watching another enthralling episode of Dora and Boo.

Sierra helping me chop up ice in front of the garage.

One week at daycare they had a focus on lemons.  I had a good laugh when I saw what Sierra did when they had smell the lemon.

Here’s the thing.  If you know me, you know I am a procrastinator.  To the point of dire consequences some times.  Case in point…I lost my spare set of keys for the Pontiac last year.  Then in the past few months my key fob wasn’t locking the door so I have been manually locking the door.  Tie that together with me not paying attention one more and you have the scenario where I lock my keys in my car!  Doh!

Luckily I had a few things going for me.  1) The keys were still in the ignition so I’m assuming that’s why the alarm didn’t go off when we were trying to break in.  2) I had some colleagues (aka Chanelle) who had experience in breaking into cars (no questions asked!) 3) I had Etienne who had not left for work yet so I managed to contact him and bring some assorted tools.  A trusty chisel and a coat hanger were our friends that day.

I tell everyone that this photo was taken DURING the operation.  Nothing like a good foreman on the job!

The happiest man in the world!  Etienne managed to finally get the coat hanger to push the unlock button down.

The running joke currently is that every time we meet at my parking spot, someone’s car needs some assistance.

I went to John’s retirement party at the local watering hole.  There were a lot of people and a lot of great stories.  You can’t ask for more at your retirement.

The Vars gang went out to Ferme Drouin for some sugar shack action!

OF COURSE the fun part of the day is hanging out under the coffee table.

Checking out the farm.

Look at how large this horse is!  It needs all the food it can get!

We probably could have stayed here all day.

There was a hill with some tubes that Sierra preferred to roll down.

Great turnout from the neighbourhood!

This might be the last time we head out in the Larose Forest this year.  It was another beautiful day.  We ended up seeing the gentleman that we helped out when his truck got stuck a month ago!  Turns out that the tow truck took an hour to get the truck out of that snowbank.  Sidenote: This might be the photo of Vero and Sierra ever!

Taking a granola bar break.

I’m pretty sure Sierra wanted us to include the sled in our photo.  It’s definitely part of our family.

Whoa whoa!  Looks who’s learning a few tricks!


Baby showers are always a good time.

Doug at work introduced me to the New Yorker caption contest.  I try and submit something each week.  Here was one of my submissions which I thought was quite clever.





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