Sierra’s 39th Month

Let’s see…what happened in Sierra’s 39th month on this Earth?

Oh yes, she became a sister.


That’s right, look out Ezra, you have a sister who is going to make sure you know how to watch Dora!

Of course everyone wonders how a big sister or brother will react when a baby arrives at the house.  We have to say that Sierra has been beyond extraordinary.  She’s always looking to help out and she also knows how to keep her distance if Ezra is sleeping or if he is feeding.  She is also getting the hang of washing her hands before touching him.  I thought she would be disappointed that she couldn’t play much with him at this point but she doesn’t seem to mind….yet?

It’s the last month of the summer and Sierra has had a lot of fun with her swing set or playing with water guns or hopping on her collection of bicycles/tricycles.

I have been teaching her to speak English which I would say is a hard battle.  There are a lot of times where I say “How do you say that in English?” and she says “Je ne veux pas.”

The interesting part of this website will now be how to focus on Sierra posts vs. Ezra posts.  There were a few photos I wanted to post with Sierra and Ezra the other day and I thought “No no, I’ll save that for the Sierra post.”  Something tells me I’ll be moving towards a simpler monthly update for the entire family format.

Another hot day in July, another trip to someone who owns a swimming pool!  We went to see Ben and Marie-Eve near Hawkesbury and took a dip in their pool.  Here’s Sierra and their son having fun on the trampoline.  I had a good laugh when Ben said “I have all these toys for my son and he only seems to use them when people come over!”

Yep, on the hottest day in July Sierra decides to wear the Santa hat!

This was my office for a week!  With the baby approaching fast and no one at the house I asked to work from home until Danielle showed up to help us out.  This was a typical morning for me and then I would transition into the house when it got too hot.  It was quite the decent setup.  It’s very quiet in the mornings with me listening to either CBC Music, Pearl Jam bootlegs or some new music.  I could fall in love with this lifestyle fast!

Check out the almost finished product in Hull!

Wow, it’s very weird to see this photo almost a month later after Vero has given birth!

Sierra doing some painting at the daycare.

Our daughter the daredevil.

Here’s Sierra imitating her Dad on the bars.

Here’s Sierra helping Maman put the finishing touches on my birthday cake which was fantastic!

Sierra with her old man.

Anne-Marie’s family were nice enough to drop by for my birthday.

Sierra teaching Grand-Maman how to read.

For my birthday Vero smartly suggested an activity fairly close to home/hospital in case the baby decided to arrive.  We decided to head out mini-putting with these jokers!

Melanie smartly packed some snacks which these two devoured every third hole.  Mini-putting with kids is an interesting exercise.  They did have fun though but they definitely didn’t feel like waiting for everyone else to finish their turn!  Luckily they could move ahead and keep swinging the club.

They were not happy I won the game.

One last snack before heading for lunch.

We went to…the Cornerstone Bar and Grill?   I can’t remember if that’s the name.  It was quite good and here’s a photo of when I took the kids on a tour of the restaurant.  I was trying to teach them how to do kegstands.

Sierra hanging out on the back deck.

I got this really great carrying case and strap for my dulcimer that I received at Christmas.  Now I can travel around like a true troubadour!

Wrestling in Sierra’s room.

Bonding 2019 style.

Hanging out at the Limoges park splash pad.

I always giggle when I pull this out of the fridge.

Troy and Connie were nice enough to send me some beer from Cowbell Brewery!  Thanks guys!

This was a big moment for me.  Sierra wanting to really get into playing video games!  I was teaching her how to move right AND jump at the same time.  It took her a few days but she figured it out and when she did…what an accomplishment!  She levelled up!

I thought this t-shirt perfectly encapsulates what every fan of music needs to know.  


The team was nice enough to surprise me with a birthday/baby shower.  There was even a bottle of rye in the care package!

The morning of Ezra’s birth (one day after his due date), we decided to hit up the Navan Fair parade.  We just assumed we wouldn’t be able to go because of Ezra but because he decided to hang out inside Maman for an extra day, we gained some extra time!

This parade was quite awesome and lasted a long time.  It was definitely larger than the Russell Canada Day Parade we went to earlier in the summer.

Maybe I should join one of these bands?

So many tractors!

I can envision Nanny Ruth riding one of these through town!

Near the end of the parade was a band on a float playing Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.  We got Sierra to wave the devil horn hand signal to them and someone gave her a kazoo!  She loves that thing. 

I had a good chuckle when I saw the sign about gang colours.  If I’m part of the Pearl Jam gang, does that mean no black t-shirts?

Here’s where I am probably going to start overlapping photos from other posts of Sierra and Ezra together.  Check out the amount of toys she is sharing with Ezra!

Sierra trying out her new wheels!  She’s surprisingly good at going on the bicycle.

Move over Cheerios and oatmeal…there’s a new breakfast favourite in town called peanut butter and jam on toast!  Although lately she has moved onto just having jam.

Sierra is learning to take pictures with different options.

I’m sure they will be reproducing this picture in thirty years!

Sierra wasn’t too impressed that I went to get the mail before bringing her home from daycare!  She kept telling me everything was crushing her!  During the time I have had off to help with Ezra I have taken Sierra in the bike trailer each morning to daycare.  It’s a fun routine and she loves waving to her friends when she arrives and leaves every day.  I’ve even taken her friend home with her one day which was hilarious as they were giggling the entire trip home. 

One morning Sierra saw some dark clouds and said “Rain?” and I thought “Nah.”  Sure enough, just as we were going to head out on the bike a torrential downpour hit us!  Luckily we were still in the driveway so we both raced for the car.  We were lucky we weren’t caught in that out in the middle of the trip!

We put some grass seed down around the new patio step so Sierra really loves hosing it down (and some sometimes herself!)

The daycare had an entire week of fun activities planned…hat day, pyjama day, picnic day.  It culminated with a water day!

Sierra having some good supper with friends.

I remember a year ago being on this swing set needing to hold Sierra in her seat.  Look at her go now!

Sierra was a trooper biking over a couple of blocks in Vars!  We are teaching her the rules of the road.

Out of all the toys in the store she decides to go play with the Infinity Gauntlet?!  Definitely her father’s daughter.

Someone pointed out that Sierra must be lifting her leg to make room for that second hot dog she asked for!

Alan and Joelle were nice enough to ask us over for a BBQ to finish off the summer.  Here is Sierra playing some game with the other kids.

I guess Sierra thought this would make the best family photo?

Look how far away this daredevil is!  We decided to go on the bike path in Embrun for a stroll.  Sierra had a hard time understanding why she needs to stay between the yellow and white lines.  There were a couple of close calls when she would stray across the line and there were other cyclists coming.  Hopefully they scared her enough to remember to stay in her lane!

She definitely was having the time of her life for the first half of the trip.  I think we brought her too far one way as I had to push the bike all the way back on the return trek.  It was a good trip though.  We stopped for a smoothie and a great BLT wrap on the way back.

Sierra couldn’t understand why she needed to use a fork with her hot chicken sandwich.  As Tante Anne-Marie said “Well in her defense, it IS a sandwich!”

A selfie courtesy of Sierra.

Clearly the doctor has a big effect on Sierra as she chose the stethoscope from the toy bin.  Dr. Sierra! 

The Pope clan dropped by for a few days at the end of August.  Abbey and Sierra wanted to pick up some leaves so we brought them to the neighbours who has this one maple tree that loses its leaves a month before all others.

Bull in a china shop?  No…two girls in a hot sauce store!  We got to sample some great sauces at Chile Chiles but it was pretty hard to keep the two girls on their best behaviour in a store with a lot of glass bottles!

Lovers of hot sauce unite!

I had never seen these things before but John tipped me off that there were these animal vehicles that the girls could cruise around the mall on.  They had a good time roaming around the mall with this for 30 minutes.

My favourite part about this photo is how Maureen is letting Abbey walk behind them!

These two cousins were doing their Geordi LaForge impression.




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