Sierra’s 37th Month

Sierra is getting excited to be a big sister.  I think she likes the idea of it, but the reality will hit her soon enough when she realizes that she has to do things on her own from now on and get a lot less help from her parents!

You know what I’m finding annoying these days during the summer?  Ticks.  We even got word that there was a confirmed Lyme disease tick found in Vars after it had bit a two year old.  Great, just great.  So now I always have to put bug spray on Sierra and search her carefully during bath time.

Sierra and I suffered from a five day fever which was something I had never experienced before.  I even went back to work after a week and was still pretty weak but now I’m tip-top shape.  Hey, want a fast weight loss program?  Don’t eat for three days!

Sierra received a fun talking dinosaur from Uncle John, Aunt Maureen and Abbey!  She loves it!

Here she is learning how to pick up the mail.

I don’t know what they were doing but whatever it is looked really fun!

She’s getting really good at holding onto this tire.

We were trying out a new game called Junkart.  It’s quite fun and easy to learn.  You have to build ‘art’ without it falling apart before all the others.

Someone got a new swing set for her birthday!  She is pretty excited about it.  I put a step stool under the swing so she can get on it herself instead of asking me!  Pro-parenting tip (or parenting fail depending on your point of view!)

It’s always a fun time when Tandreane visits.

I really love the Old Hull quarter and what they do to spice up the area.

Let it be known that regardless of it being 25 degrees outside, someone wanted to wear her winter coat.


I feel left out and need a parka as well.

I don’t know much about trees but I like what happens in the Spring.

Every time I play music in the car all I hear from the backseat is ‘Loud.  LOUD.”

On a lovely day in June, we got to go to Perth to see Tyler and Amy get married.  It was a beautiful day but let me tell you, I definitely chose the wrong seat to sit in.  The sun was directly in my eyes the entire ceremony!  Doh!  Ah well, it was a good ceremony.

Obligatory post-ceremony drinks in Mike’s hotel room.

We got to hang out with some great people at the supper table.  I ended up chipping my front tooth on my fork because I was so hungry!  I went to the washroom and it didn’t look too bad (thankfully!).  

Shenanigans were starting once the Tom Collins drinks came out!  All in all, it was a great night!  We headed home around midnight as we knew we had Sierra waking up at Lynn and Sue’s house around 6am.

Sierra hanging out with her friend Ryleigh.

Sierra was helping me out with the assembling of her new dresser set.  What a great helper!

She was having the time of her life running around the car trying to avoid the camera.  She wouldn’t smile for me except for this one time when I caught her by surprise.

Testing out her new seat.  The other one was a bucket style and her legs would angle upwards.  In hindsight I’m not sure if I would purchased that one again but no matter, it’s purchased now and she enjoys her new one as well!

Vero’s sister signed her up for some Tupperware starter kit so Sierra had a fun time tearing it all apart.  I still don’t really understand how a company can send a starter kit for free and not expect anything in return.

Sierra discovering some trickling water.

Air hockey is always a fun time.

All this girl wanted for her birthday was a photo with me.

I think I need one of these for myself!

JF and I had a good laugh when we realized we were wearing inverse colours.

Watching Shrek

“Not just any man…but a Spider-Man!”

I find it neat when Sierra pulls out a random book and peruses it.

We were going to head out to Franco-Festival and found out that it was pouring rain.  Wal-Mart is the best option for a rainy day!  While Vero went and shopped Sierra and I roamed around the store.  She was really interested in touching each bicycle seat.  She did this a dozen times.

I thought this was a weird tag to put on a toy.  It’s bilingual but then it says it only speaks English.

Vero found a book that her Dad must have left Sierra.  It was a book that answered life’s questions.  It was really interesting to see what a book from the 1970s talked about.  Its section about robots was intriguing.  But when it got to this page I said to Vero “I somehow don’t think this book would exist in the year 2019!”

Embrun had a community day on Father’s Day.  There were a few inflatable structures that we had fun on.

It takes Sierra awhile to get used to new adventures.  She didn’t want to go into this bouncy castle at first so we went and did other things.  But when we walked by later she decided to go inside and had a great time.

Check out this foam bath!

Here is Sierra petting a (unscented…I hope!) skunk.  I had a good laugh when we put her in line to pet the skunk and she just proceeded to go up a few spots in line.  I suppose we haven’t taught her the concept of waiting in line!

Sierra and Vero were nice enough to bring me out to Etienne Brule for lunch.  Cheers!

After our afternoon nap we hung out on the front porch.  Here we are trying to get a photo with the sun shining in our eyes.

As you can tell, it was getting to be too much for us.

A very nice card.

“Higher, higher!”

Chest-burster scene from Alien.

Dana, Etienne, Nadine and I braved the rain to go to the Ottawa Ribfest.  I had a quarter chicken, 1/3 slab of ribs, beans and coleslaw.  Let me tell you, I didn’t even need to eat supper after that much food!

The rest of the elementary school were graduating that day so they had the daycare make their own graduation caps.

My second excursion to Ribfest consisted of the entire team going for lunch.  Les 3 Brasseures had an amazing Gose beer that I had while we sat on their patio eating our ribs.  I had a good laugh when someone stopped me in the street saying “You can’t take a photo of them.  None of them are eating ribs!”

We had the honour of having Felix show up on Friday night for supper and some fun!

Vero’s cousins and sister showed up for the weekend to spend some time relaxing at the spa.

These two loved their dessert!


Reading ‘The Karate Kid’ before heading to bed.

It was five years ago that Carol and Danny got married.  I remember being the MC of that event and starting to get the hang of being an MC.  I had been an MC…I can’t recall…five, six times in my life.  My first couple of gigs weren’t the best but I felt I started hitting my stride by the time this one came along.  Here is the beer koozie they gave out that night and some lyrics to the song I sang as MC.

When Vero headed out to the spa with her family, I decided to make a giant day for Sierra.  First stop…visiting some friends!

It was interesting to see how Sierra interacted with a baby.  Definitely need to teach her a few things like “Don’t take the toy from the baby.”

Nat was nice enough to let us park our car at her house and then we walked over to the Limoges community day where THIS appeared.  Sierra was super excited so I said “Alright, let’s go and buy the $5 bracelet so you can go on this ride.”  We bought it, then returned and then she didn’t want to go in.  Of course!

We did have a good time on the teeter totter though.

And the skateboard ramp.

And the water park.  Sierra insisted she needed to change her shirt before going into the water.  I had a good laugh at that.

But she managed to surprise me and while walking past the Dora bouncy castle she said she wanted to go in!  The $5 bracelet was not a waste!

Every parent has these moments where your kid surprises you.  Case in point, I’m watching Sierra climb up this mountain with kids running by and I’m thinking “Oh no, she’s going to take a tumble” and she didn’t tumble once in the four times she went up!  I was super impressed.  All in all, the Limoges Community Day was a hit and I tip my hat to that community for the activities they had set up.  I also tip my hat to Marc who had a Heady Topper beer from Vermont on hand for when we arrived back at their house!

The next day we went out to Kanata to have some lunch.  Here we were taking a walk to pick up some groceries.

Trish and I went to Almonte on Saint-Jean-Baptiste day.  I had never been so I wanted to see what it was all about.  Check out this awesome toy store!  Too bad it was closed.

We found these great wind chimes next to the river.  Almonte is quite beautiful.  Imagine having a house in the photo?

The entire downtown is surrounding these beautiful sights.

Hanging out with Dr. James Naismith, inventor of basketball!

It was a beautiful morning to walk around Almonte.  I bought a Stan Rogers album at a beautiful book store.  We also found a fantastic antique shop where I perused some old toys.  I had always thought antique shops were full of OLD things but here I was finding things that I had grown up with as a kid.  I now realize that I am officially old if antique shops hold things I once possessed!

We had lunch at the Barley Mow pub.  It was a shame the patio was packed but we’ll get there next time!

While I thought my entry was clever the winner won with “I’m sorry, I’ve been burned too many times.” which was clearly the better choice!

Mom and Dad came for a visit on their way down to Gaspe.  Sierra was having fun with the bubble gun!





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