Sierra’s first day at school

While Vero tells me that Sierra hasn’t started school yet, I have to say that she’s over at the building that she will be occupying until Grade 6 (maybe Grade 8?  Not sure.) so to me, she’s started school!

Sierra is attending a new daycare centre which is attached to her eventual school.  It was super weird to hop in the car and thirty seconds later, arrive at her daycare!  To put this into perspective we were driving twenty minutes to the other daycare.  I have to say that I will miss our car rides involving seeing Old McDonald had a farm.

This girl looks like she is SURE she wants to be there.

I have to say that the scary part of this new chapter in her life is that it’s a new chapter in our lives!  I’m staring at the walls and seeing things like sign-in sheets, calendars indicating days like ‘wear purple day’, sign-up sheets for before/after school programs…there are so many sheets to read!!  I feel like I need to level up on my parenting game!

Anyhow, I’m sure she will be fine today and all the time that she is there.  It seems like a loving environment.

Update: Yeah…it’s been two weeks and we’re not really worried about daycare.  I mean…our biggest problem is that she doesn’t want to leave!

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