Sierra’s 16th Month

Honestly, the month kind of flew by for us with some travel, some concerts and the biggest heatwave we have ever experienced.  It was over 30 degrees with no rain for about 17 days here in September.  For all the rain we received throughout the summer, I think Mother Nature decided to give us a break during the month of September.

This helped progress the deck quite a bit and I’m happy at the rate that we are working on it.  But I mustn’t become lazy…I need to get the deck to the hot tub finished before the snow hits!

I’m not sure what to think of Sierra in terms of development in the past month.  I honestly need a book to read to figure out if there are things we should focussing on in terms of brain development.  She hilariously knows where her ‘nombri’ is (bellybutton) but can’t tell us where her nose or ears are.  But she laughs maniacally when ever she touches her bellybutton or my bellybutton or Vero’s belly button so at the end of the day, as long as she’s having a good time, that’s what counts, right?

We don’t really have any complaints with her.  She seems quite sociable around other people and kids, she now goes to the highchair or cupboard to tell us if she is hungry, she sometimes grabs her towel off the wall to show us she wants to have a bath.  She still loves having bath time.

Her hair is finally getting to a point that we need to tie it back.  Barettes didn’t exactly work out yet but that will come along.  She loves Facetiming with family and playing outdoors.  When we get home from work, she’s pretty upset with us if we don’t bring her to her swing in the backyard.  In fact, yesterday I was unlocking the door and she ran away to go to the swing!  I’ve never had to drop everything to chase after her until today!  I’m sure that’s something that will be happening more and more!

She really likes music and particularly likes Arcade Fire’s song “Everything Now”.  She really likes the piano that starts with that song.  She dances up a storm.

She’s been starting to eat yogurt this month and enjoys it immensely.  There are a lot of times where she isn’t a happy camper sitting in her chair while eating but maybe she just doesn’t like to be tied down?

Overall, she’s a happy kid, and we’re happy parents and I’m sure when I start reading a book it’ll put my fears at ease in terms of her development.  Part of me knows that it’s silly to worry about things like that….she’ll learn to do everything in due time.  I just want to make sure she gets a good opportunity to grow up and learn things.  I don’t want to find out that my time just horsing around with her at night could have been better spent by putting some paper and crayons in front of her.

Lynn and Sue had us up for an afternoon.  I think this one of the ten days they were actually at their own house this summer!

Lynn imparting some wisdom on Sierra.

Sierra really likes clips so we came up with the genius idea to have her wear the lifejacket and play with the clips around the house.

It was great to have Mom and Dad visit for a few days on their way back from Gaspe.  Sierra sure loved the visits to the park!

Seriously, there are about 20 variations of this photo because it’s quite impossible to get a decent photo with a kid!

Sierra showing Poppa and Grandma the way home.

Sierra having a conversation with the grandparents.  She’s a talker!  Grandma seems to be the only person who can understand her.

At a rest stop on the way back from Toronto.

Here’s Etienne posing for a picture on our daily walk while we tested out the camera on some new phones.

Our daily ritual of picking up Sierra from daycare.

Testing out a new camera.  She seems to like the flash.

These slo-mo videos are always fun

Uncle Mike over for a quick visit

First time eating cheese! Next up: the grilled cheese sandwich!

Sierra does love her slides.

Sierra’s daily routine of playing in the driveway before supper time.   I love how I decided to keep filming instead of coming to her immediate aid. Woops?

She’s getting pretty good with the spoon!

Dance time!

Sierra helping to wrap up Mom’s birthday gift.

I’m not too sure if Vero liked the fact that I allowed her to play with scissors!

Hanging out after a successful wrapping job

Here’s the cake Sierra baked for Vero

Sierra wearing Mom’s birthday gift!  Perfect fit!


Vero was quite happy with Sierra’s cake

Not too sure what to think about yogurt…

Success!  She loves the yogurt!

Google did a great job pointing out that six months later, Sierra still loves bath time!

Sierra showing me what mulch is all about.

Even in the evening, Sierra pulls this out of the closet and wants a ride!

She’s starting to get the hang of these!  Soon enough she’ll go to her first concert.

I went on a tour of Parliament and this was the best shot I got.

Perfect day for a swing in the backyard!



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