Sledding to daycare

One of the benefits of living where we live is that we are quite close to the daycare.  A snowfall last night brought forth perfect conditions to take the sled to daycare instead of strapping into the car.

Sierra’s snow pants were already at the daycare so I decided to load up a few blankets for the ride over so she wouldn’t get too wet and cold.  It was hovering around zero degrees so I didn’t think it would be an issue.

The first half of the trip was quite a peaceful trek through the snow.  There’s something to be said for walking on an untouched snowfall, seeing the glow of the street lamps while it’s still dark and forging your own path.  Sierra was having a great time dragging her hands behind the sled for awhile.  The second half of the trek consisted of Sierra wanting to haul the sled herself.

We arrived to the daycare in one piece and I got to walk back enjoying what winter has to offer while Sierra had fun with her friends.


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