The Sequel’s (minus) third month

Uhm…we only have three months to go?  That’s a little alarming!  We need to get stuff ready!

Sure, we had my parents paint Sierra’s bedroom but it still doesn’t have any furniture in it at all.  Kijiji and Facebook marketplace has so far been a bust on kids furniture.  Maybe people just throw it to the curb after their kids have destroyed it?

The main issue we have been having at the moment is finding clothing to fit Vero!  She is constantly on the hunt for things that will fit her, buying things online, returning things online.  I tell you, it’s pretty exhausting watching her go through all of that!

We’ve bandied some baby names around a few times but haven’t hit about a top three selection yet.  Maybe we have an old list somewhere but I feel that’s kind of strange…shouldn’t we start from scratch much like the Sequel has started from scratch?

We have felt the Sequel kick a few times which is neat.  I guess Vero probably feels it a lot more but I have noticed it once or twice.  Sierra is cognizant of the baby in the sense that she will include it in conversation like “Maman et Dad et Sierra et le baby mange le souper!”

No pictures to show off this month of the Sequel.  We are going for a doctor’s appointment next week so perhaps there will be a third ultrasound picture to share, perhaps not.

At the moment I’m trying to figure out if I should start putting myself through my old training regimen of staying up later than usual so I can get my body accustomed to lack of sleep!  Trish volunteered to phone me at odd times of the night since she works the night shift at her job.  She’s a great pal.

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