Wakeham 2018

August 3, 2018 – Practicing some tunes with Captain Cajon.

August 2018, the Miller family gathered down in Wakeham for a reunion.  During that time John and I got the band back together and we gathered new members along the way.

As with all good jam sessions, the first night is always magical as the excitement of playing together again fuels us through sore fingers.  Unfortunately the recording of that night stopped halfway through as I didn’t have a large memory card inserted.  I was quite upset at that fact and rectified that by purchasing the largest card I could find the next day.

Unfortunately the second day was quite horrible in terms of performance and I decided to not include those in this collection. 

However the third night is when it all came together for THE performance of the weekend.  Everyone from around Wakeham showed up in the late afternoon where we discovered that the screened in porch became not unlike a sauna in the afternoon.  But there were no bugs which is always good!

With the screen door slamming and the feet a tapping we ripped through a marathon session with myself, John, Maureen, Dave, the Bongo Queen and Captain Cajon!  

It was interesting editing this collection together.  I have always been a fan of the ‘warts and all’ approach to live recording but I was staring at three days of recordings and there was no way people would want to listen to that!  I brought it down to a reasonable (?) 2 hours and 45 minutes of music.  Even at that there was some songs I still wanted to include but I was listening to them thinking “Man, we REALLY butchered that one.”  Other times we butchered the tune but it was just a great moment that I had to keep it in there.

If you listen closely you can hear the sound of a screen door slam once in awhile.  That wasn’t people leaving…that was more and more people coming in!


August 3, 2018

01 – Last Dance with Mary Jane [Tom Petty]

02 – End of the Line [Travelling Wilburys]

03 – 500 Miles [The Proclaimers]

04 – Gift Shop [The Tragically Hip]

05 – Free Falling [Tom Petty]

August 6, 2018 – Set 1

06 – Sonny’s Dream [Ron Hynes]

07 – Back to the Sea [Ryan Palmer]

08 – Old Black Rum [Great Big Sea]

09 – Proud Mary [Creedence Clearwater Revival]

10 – Stuck in the Middle with You [Steeler’s Wheel]

11 – Happy [Pharell]

12 – Brown Eyed Girl [Van Morrison]

13 – You are my Sunshine [Traditional]

14 – She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain [Traditional]

15 – Barrett’s Privateers [Stan Rogers]

16 – Midnight Special [Creedence Clearwater Revival]

17 – Bongo Bon [Manu Chao]

18 – Blue Wing [Tom Russell]

19 – Ahead By A Century [The Tragically Hip]

20 – No Rain [Blind Melon]

21 – Clap for the Wolfman [The Guess Who]

August 6, 2018 – Set 2

22 – Angel from Montgomery [John Prine]

23 – The Dirty Glass [Dropkick Murphys]

24 – Long Legged Guitar Picking Man [Johnny Cash]

25 – Jolene [Dolly Parton]

26 – You Really Got a Hold on Me [Smokey Robinson]

27 – Me and Bobby McGee [Janis Joplin]

28 – Leaving on a Jet Plane [John Denver]

29 – Take Me Home, Country Roads [John Denver]

30 – S.O.B. [Nathaniel Rateliff]

August 6, 2018 Set 3

31 – Squeeze Box [The Who]

32 – Some Kind of Wonderful [Grand Funk Railroad]

33 – Sweet Caroline [Neil Diamond]

34 – Harvest Moon [Neil Young]

35 – Tennessee Stud [Jimmy Driftwood]

36 – City of Lakes [Matt Mays]

37 – Comfortably Numb [Pink Floyd]

38 – Two Steps Behind [Def Leppard]

39 – Tiny Dancer [Elton John]

40 – Indian Cowboy [Townes Van Zandt]

41 – Good Morning Blues [Leadbelly]

42 – Day O (The Banana Boat Song) [Harry Belafonte]

43 – Brain Eclipse/Dark Side of the Moon [Pink Floyd]

Download the file here.  For the audiophiles out there, let me know and I’ll pass you the WAV files.