Welcome Ezra!

Sierra was born on a Saturday evening three years ago.  Ezra came into this world in a very similar fashion.  Vero and I had a nap during the day and ate some supper.

“Yahoo I made it!”

I was in the other room when I heard the news that Vero’s water had broken!  We had never witnessed this the first time around so it was new to us.

This was around 6:20pm and we didn’t take much time to get to the hospital.  Let’s just say that the construction zones set at 80km/hr had a vehicle zoom through them this time around!  I figured I had a good excuse and there were no workers present.

The entire event was eerily similar to the first time we came…the hospital was empty on a Saturday evening as we walked up the hallways.  We tried to get into an elevator and the thing wasn’t even working on a Saturday evening so we had to find another one!

We got to the birthing centre and they told us we were ready to go and we should get to work!  They wheeled us into Room 2B219 which was the exact same room we had three years prior.  There are 20 rooms available so I guess fate wanted us to have some similar surroundings?

Ezra is loving life in the arms of a shirtless man.

The people helping us this time around were ten times better than the first time around.  The first time they though Vero had already delivered a baby before so they didn’t really coach her through the process.  This time around everyone was involved in counting down contractions, telling when to push, etc etc etc.  We really appreciated the staff and their hard work but let’s be honest here, Vero was doing all the hard work!

I tried to convince Vero that a baby with this type of moustache NEEDS to be named Mario!  But she didn’t bite.

Out came the baby at 7:37pm and Vero and I were both shocked to see that it was a boy!  Side note: Considering the size of a newborn’s testicles, I am now laughing at the fact that I wasn’t entirely sure if Sierra was a girl or not.  I said to the nurses “It’s a….girl?” And they looked at me like I was crazy and said “Uh yeah, it’s a girl.” Now I know why they thought I was kind of dumb.  There is no room for error when you see a newborns’ testicles and so there we had him…a baby boy!  All signs had pointed to having a girl so it definitely caught us by a good surprise!

Ezra came in at 7 lbs, 13 ounces and measured 21 inches.  Nanny saw a photo of him and remarked at how long his fingers were and thought he may be a fighter. Either that or a piano player!

We phoned a few key members of the family to let them hear the good news and settled in for the night.  It’s interesting how three years can go by and I forget how hard it is to take care of a newborn on the first night.  Ezra decided to keep us up all night long testing out his new set of lungs!  But we love him and that’s what counts.

Ezra Bridger of Star Wars Rebels was the partial inspiration for his name.  It’s just a cool sounding name!

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